Genius Burn Diet Pills – Do They Work? Ingredients and Side Effects

I always show a particular interest in caffeine-free diet pills, being sensitive to caffeine myself. So when I saw that Genius Burn diet pills from The Genius Brand were free from caffeine, that was an instant positive for me.

Sometimes caffeine can cause negative side effects like nervousness and jitters. If you take away the caffeine you can hopefully avoid these negative effects.

I saw that these diet pills were popular on sites like Amazon and eBay which made me think there must be some substance behind the popularity.

I decided to investigate.

What are Genius Burn Diet Pills?

genius burn diet pillsThis weight loss supplement claims to be clinically proven to curb your appetite and improve your mood at the same time.

I imagine the result would be a reduction in emotional eating and overeating, culminating in steady weight loss.

They come in bottles of 50 veggie capsules in attractive packaging. This is another tick in the box for vegetarian dieters who want to avoid taking gelatin capsules.

At the time of writing the cost of a bottle of these diet pills was approximately $50.

Other claims that The Genius Brand makes are that the ingredients are all-natural and safe and the pills give you a no-crash energy boost.

One person who tried these Genius Burn diet pills was uncomfortable with the fact that there is no official website for the supplement manufacturer. Why?

I searched for the company (and product) and found that this Amazon page is the only trace of it online. I should have done my research before clicking purchase.

Genius Burn Diet Pill Ingredients

So if these pills contain no stimulants or caffeine, what do they contain? Genius Burn boasts a blend of 9 ingredients which they claim are all tested and proven to aid weight loss:

  1. TeaCrine – A caffeine alternative used here to act as a stimulant, but without raising your blood pressure or causing negative side effects.
  2. Paradoxine – Allegedly helps to remove visceral fat, but how exactly it can do this isn't clear to me.
  3. Cognizin – Said to support attention and memory. I am not sure what effect on weight loss this is supposed to have.
  4. Sensoril – Despite the fancy name, basically this is a herb extract of Ashwagandha. A little bit of research was required on my part to find out how this helps weight loss. The only suggestion that it may aid weight loss was a claim that it increases thyroid hormone output in your body.

With no official website to obtain more information about the branded ingredients, I had to do my own research on the other 5 ingredients. This was a negative for me because I felt the info wasn't as readily available as I'd like.

I always want to know exactly what the ingredients are that I am putting into my body.

  1. Lean GBB – Aims to increase your body's L-Carnitine production. Which is thought to increase the use of fatty acids by your body's cells. This, in theory, will give you more energy.
  2. CapsiMax – A capsicum extract. This is derived from fiery chili peppers and is believed to increase your body's fat-burning ability.
  3. TheaKalm – Pure L-theanine which is a mood booster extracted from Green Tea. Hopefully, this extract doesn't include the caffeine contained in Green Tea as one of their major selling points is that this supplement is caffeine-free.
  4. AstraCin– Despite my best efforts, I could not find any information on this ingredient apart from the fact that a patent application was made in 2007. Which really doesn't give us much information about what this ingredient does and where it comes from.
  5. Huperzia Serrata – This ingredient is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a nootropic and diet supplement.

Another red flag was that the amount of each ingredient contained in Genius Burn diet pills wasn't shown. I don't understand why they would only give information about half of the ingredients either.

Side Effects

On Amazon, there are many positive reviews for this supplement. However, there were many reviews giving the lowest star rating of 1 out of 5 citing negative side effects such as:

Helped appetite but caused debilitating headaches.

I only took it one day. My heart was racing and I feel sick”

I was so very sick. Throwing up, my hands and feet were so sweaty and tingling

Worryingly, one buyer seemed to have an allergic reaction to the pills:

“I started taking this product and shortly afterwards experienced a sick not well feeling. I then got a fever and bad headaches.

I also broke out in a full body rash and got red swollen and itchy. My heart was racing while laying down. I had some bad reaction and almost ended up going to the emergency room.

The most common side effects mentioned were:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergic reaction
  • Headaches
  • Racing heart

The Verdict

What started off as a promising weight loss pill has been a bit of a disappointment for me. Although the ingredients look promising, there is uncertainty over the company. They don't have an official website which I am used to seeing in all quality diet pill manufacturers.

They also don't give details about how much of each ingredient is contained in each dose of Genius Burn diet pills. This is a serious issue that I would advise The Genius Brand to sort out. Most of us would like to know exactly what we are taking.

If you are looking for a quality caffeine-free diet pill that is clinically proven to work and is 100% transparent about what ingredients it contains, take a look at my in-depth Proactol XS review.

It contains no preservatives, gluten, lactose, milk protein, or cholesterol. No raw materials of animal origin and is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Yet it still works and it works well for causing safe, steady weight loss.

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Author: Aileen

Hi, I'm Aileen, the owner of Diet Pill Judge. I have personally tried loads of diet pills over the years and found that only a few of them really work.
My background is in science, so I set out to find supplements that have scientific evidence behind them and which I can confidently recommend.

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