Proactol Vs Alli review: Fat Blockers Compared

Fat binders  (or fat blockers) are a type of diet pills that works by eliminating some of the fat that you eat. With fat being the most calorie dense nutrient, this results in a large proportion of calories eaten at each meal being passed through the body without being absorbed.

They don't work on the central nervous system or brain, and instead work in the digestive system to prevent weight gain at the first point of entry to the body.

What are the best fat binders?

Our interest was caught by the recent press on the Fat binder Alli. It has recently been made available over the counter when previously it was a prescription drug.

Alli was an extremely popular diet pill because it was known to stop 25% of fat that you ate from being digested. I say was, because it is not currently unavailable worldwide due to manufacturing problems with the key ingredient Orlistat. Also, there has been speculation that it can cause liver problems.

There are still some great deals and impressive discounts due to competition among retailers of Alli, it also means many more of us can experience the weight loss possible from prescription diet pills.

We decided to dig deeper, to find out if Alli was really the champion of its field. Is Alli really the best fat binder? We searched to find a fat binder that provides the same (or even better!) results than Alli whilst avoiding some of the side effects Alli can have.

Of all the Alli alternatives, I believe Proactol XS is the best. It works in exactly the same way as Alli, by blocking fat from being digested, but has been shown to actually block up to 28% of fat. This means it is perhaps even more effective than Alli.

Prescription free

It is also available to buy without a prescription online. In the UK Alli was only available if you had an obese BMI from a pharmacy. Proactol XS has no such requirements so is ideal whether you are obese or if you just have a few pounds to lose.

Side effect free

Another advantage of Proactol XS is that it is believed to be side effect free. There was the dreaded Alli “treatment effect” that left some people using incontinence pads due to an oily discharge. This has not been reported as a side effect of Proactol XS.

Appetite suppression

One advantage of Proactol XS over Alli is that it also acts as an appetite suppressant because the active ingredients form an insoluble fiber in the stomach that fills you up and keeps you full between meals.

Proven to work

It has undergone clinical trials to prove it helps with a healthy and sustained weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week. The key ingredient has been studied for years for it's ability to promote weight loss.

Cheaper than Alli

proactol xs bottleAs far as price goes Proactol XS and Alli are quite comparable at first glance, but the official retailer often runs sales that bring the cost down even more.

Also, when you buy multiple bottles at once, which you would usually do with Alli if you wanted to lose a lot of weight, you save more as you buy more.

So there you have some very good reasons why Proactol XS is a better choice than Alli, and is thus perfect for buying whilst Alli is out of stock in your country.

The Verdict

Both pills are impressive in their own right. On one hand we have an extremely successful, clinically proven pill with Alli with the drawback of  the “treatment effect”.

On the other we have a product that receives amazing testimonials and has no known negative side effects.  We have created an in depth review on each product to help you to make the right choice.

We used our 4 point rating criteria to ensure we picked the highest quality and most effective choices.

Winning Product

Proactol XSproactol xs review

Effectiveness: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-f
Safety: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-f
Medical credentials:star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-f
Value for money: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-f

Just beating Alli, mainly for its lack of known negative side effects, is Proactol XS.

In clinical tests it has been shown to block up to 28% of fat and has seen impressive weight loss results.

The best news is that Proactol XS is made from 100% natural ingredients, so no synthetic chemicals filling your body.

It has a dual action approach of preventing fat absorption but also forming a solution in the stomach that makes you feel fuller for longer. This means that as well as acting as a fat blocker, it has an appetite suppressing effect.

This really is a product you can't afford to miss. Our in depth review covers exactly how Proactol XS works in more detail, and has some interesting testimonials from people who have tried it.

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Second Place


Effectiveness: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-e
Safety: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-f
Value for money: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-e
Medical credentials: star-fstar-fstar-fstar-fstar-f


Alli's key ingredient is Orlistat,  also present in Xenical, which is proven to block up to 25% of dietary fat.

We were impressed to see not just reports of weight loss, but also reports in improving of health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Our full review provides an in depth view of how Alli works,  along with what side effects it could have.

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Author: Aileen

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