Capsiplex Review: Side Effects, Ingredients and Effectiveness

We are all looking for an easy way to lose weight quickly, but without resorting to dangerous crash diets.

Like many methods of quick weight loss, we want a solution that will keep the weight off rather than piling the pounds back on as soon as we stop dieting.

What would it be like to lose weight quickly and easily without extra effort or exercise?

This has been made possible thanks to a diet pill called Capsiplex.

No need to cut out your favorite foods, just take this powerful fat burning pill and wait for the pounds to drop off.

What is Capsiplex?

capsiplex fat burnerCapsiplex is a unique formula combining the metabolism boosting effects of chili peppers (in the form of Capsicum) along with caffeine, and black pepper extract.

Think about when you eat a hot curry containing chili peppers. That intense burning feeling you get in your mouth and sometimes even in your stomach is due to Capsaicin.

The burning sensation was supposed to deter mammals from eating the peppers in the wild but humans strangely decided to include it as the main part of many popular dishes!

Some people even report sweating after eating a spicy meal, this is because Capsaicin increases your body temperature. When our body temperature is increased we naturally burn more calories. In fact you can see metabolism boosting effects for around 90 minutes after eating these chili peppers.

Many of us don't enjoy eating such intensely spicy foods, or don't want to be eating curries three times a day to get metabolism boosting effects.

We have long known that eating hot chili peppers can give a metabolism boost, but many of us just don't have the stomach for the powerful burning sensation peppers give. So Capsiplex packages this chili pepper extract in an easy to digest form.

Thankfully Capsiplex has a carefully designed coating to prevent any burning sensation from the powerful ingredients whilst still providing the strong weight loss power of chili peppers.

Capsiplex charges up the metabolism, help you to burn fat all day every day thanks to the fiery punch of Capsicum.

It is also clinically proven to lower cholesterol and suppress appetite so you will find yourself eating less naturally for a further weight loss boost.

Does Capsiplex work?

Capsiplex can boost your workoutA recent scientific study proved that participants who took a Capsicum supplement (containing Capsaicin) before a workout burned significantly more calories than those who didn't.

Studies also show that when a high enough concentrate of Capsicum is taken, the bodies metabolism is increased. A higher metabolism increases the bodies fat burning rate.

We know that the ingredients in Capsiplex work for boosting the metabolism, but the advantage of taking Capsiplex over eating lots of spicy meals is that the amount of chili peppers needed to see the same effect would cause serious stomach problems. A curry with this amount of Capsicum would be almost intolerable to eat.

Thankfully Capsiplex contains just the right amount of Capsicum to boost the metabolism, but it protects your digestive system from being exposed to any negative side effects these spicy extracts contain.

Capsiplex has a unique capsule shell that is designed to release the Capsicum extract when it has reached the intestines, where it doesn't cause any negative effects.

Because it doesn't release the chili extract in your stomach, there would be no discomfort or acid reflux that you might expect.

As seen in the Media

You may have seen the recent press explosion surrounding Capsiplex and its spicy approach to weight loss.

Loved by personal trainers and reportedly celebrities

including Jennifer Lopez and Britney spears, it really does help maintain a slim figure.

Nicola Mclean used capsiplex to lose her baby weight and said:

“I love it! I have my flat stomach is back, which is great. I do have stretch marks but I’m a mum of two. Plus, my boobs have gone down from a J-cup to an F to G now.”

How does it Work?

Simply by taking Capsiplex, you can burn 278 calories every day. You would have to run for 25 minutes to burn off this many calories otherwise.

This means that you will start seeing weight loss results from the very first week without changing what you eat or starting a fitness regime.

If you are already exercising to lose weight, Capsiplex can give you a burst of energy to work out harder and longer. Simply take 30-60 minutes before a workout for maximum results.

If you would rather use Capsiplex without exercise simply take one Capsiplex capsule in the morning with a glass of water and sit back waiting for the pounds to melt away.

Suppress your appetite

buy capsiplexIn addition to the main Capsiplex capsules, the manufacturer offers a very strong appetite suppressant that reduces appetite by up to 50%.

You will be less likely to overeat or snack and will feel much fuller for longer after meals.

The Bauer Nutrition website offers a special discount when you buy 2 or more boxes of Capsiplex at once!

With discreet shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee you can start losing weight with Capsiplex risk-free.

Capsiplex benefits

  • Clinically proven weight loss
  • Boost metabolism
  • You could lose 1.3 stone in 4 weeks!
  • Suppress appetite
  • Burn up to 278 calories a day with no effort

We have shown that Capsiplex contains highly effective weight loss ingredients and is specially designed not to cause negative side effects or discomfort. It is also much easier to take these small diet pills rather than eat mountains of extremely spicy curries.

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Author: Aileen

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