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celebrity photographersYou only have to glance at the parade of healthy toned and thin bodies sashaying down the red carpet at a Hollywood event, to find yourself thinking: “exactly WHAT is their secret?” What are the celebrity diet pills you can choose from to get as slim as the stars?

For someone who is looking for the best weight loss program or diet pill,  knowing what products celebrities use can be the easiest indicator as to which plans and pills are most effective.

Used in conjunction with a healthy and nutritious diet,  slimming pills can be the ideal support for anyone looking to speed up weight loss. Proven to suppress your appetite, reduce your dietary fat intake and help you to experience fast weight loss, diet pills can easily be incorporated into your diet.

Which slimming products do the Celebs use?

Three of the top celebrity diet pills that are currently being used by the rich and famous are Nuratrim, Capsiplex and Meratol.

  • Nuratrim– Reportedly used by US star Kim Kardashian. She is known for her amazing curvy yet slim body, Nuratrim claims to burn as many calories as a 40 minute run!
  • Capsiplex– Used by UK glamour model Nicola Mclean, this contains an extract of fiery chili peppers. This speeds up your metabolism and can burn on average 278 calories every day.
  • Meratol – The stars of TV series “The Only Way Is Essex” are known for their slim bodies. Lauren Goodgers weight battle is in the papers weekly. Recently, she has finally got her weight under control using Meratol.

Are all celebrity diet pills and plans safe?

Whilst these 3 natural slimming programs are proven to work through extensive clinical trials, it is important to remember that not all celebrity diet fads are safe.

Weight loss plans such as the cabbage soup diet, the maple syrup diet and the 5 factor diet have taken the dieting world by storm. But they bring with them poor nutritional value and limited weight loss results.

If we take the cabbage soup diet as an example,  Sarah Michelle Gellar used this to lose weight for a film premiere. Promising weight loss of 10lbs in a week, it is easy to see why she decided to try it.

On the cabbage soup diet, you can only eat a watery soup made with cabbage, onions and tomatoes. Ignoring the fact that you will soon get bored of eating the same thing day in day out, the only results you will see are water weight loss. This water weight will come straight back on once a normal diet is resumed.

Are celebrity diets safe?

There is an equal split between Celebrities who take a sensible approach to weight loss and use natural slimming pills and diet sensibly, and those who use dangerous weight loss methods. But when the first approach of eating sensibly and taking natural weight loss pills works more effectively, who would choose to put their health at risk?

We always recommend researching weight loss methods and diet pills thoroughly before trying them. You can find our independent reviews through the sidebar to the right of this page.

Without reading the results of clinical trials and checking what ingredients they contain, you could open yourself to negative side effects and limited weight loss results. We will never recommend any of the ineffective and scam weight loss products that the market is flooded with.

Where can I buy celebrity diet pills?

One of the best retailers for slimming aids is Bauer Nutrition. They have a huge selection of slimming products. Whether you are looking for a fat binder, an appetite suppressant, or a slimming patch, they are bound to have the right product for you.

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