Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Gym Membership

Are you worried that you'll get fat if you avoid going to a gym? In this guide to why you shouldn't buy a gym membership, I go over the many reasons why you can skip the gym workouts. Yes, you can still burn off fat if you just don't feel up to going.

Not everybody is a “gym bunny” or “gym bod”. You might not like exercising at a gym and that's OK. There are loads of other ways to boost your metabolism and still lose weight that don't involve gym machinery. No need to feel guilty, like you should be going.

Here are some good reasons to NOT go to the gym:

It's Too Expensive

If you have a lack of funds, maybe one of the last places you want to spend it on is on working out. It's a perfectly valid reason why you shouldn't buy a gym membership. Usually memberships involve a contract of a year or more, and who knows what could happen in that time. You could lose your job or take a pay cut.

There are loads of other things you could be spending that monthly payment on, from a relaxing holiday abroad to saving it up in the bank. There's no need to tie yourself in to an expensive gym membership when you could work out at home, for example.

It's Boring!

There are two types of people in the world. Those that thrive on working out indoors and others who prefer to be outside, close to nature. If you feel like you aren't getting anywhere on the treadmill and would rather be jogging to a defined end point outdoors, this is a sign that the gym isn't for you.

If you find your workouts boring, you aren't going to feel motivated to get ready and go to a gym. The great thing about not having a membership is you don't feel obliged to go!

Membership Fees

I touched on the cost of a gym membership before. If you are going to register, you want to make sure you get your moneys worth. That means going enough times to make it cost effective.

But maybe you just don't want to go? Maybe you don't enjoy watching the lean bodies of young, fit gym goers contorting into uncomfortable yoga positions in gym classes. This leads me onto my next point about gym avoidance.

Other People Working Out

man working out at gym

When you are at the gym, unless you are lucky to find a quiet time you are going to have to socialize or at least tolerate other people working out around you.

Not everyone wants to make small talk with the person next to them while opening and closing their legs repeatedly on that thigh buster machine.

Changing rooms are a dreaded area for some people too. Communal changing areas especially put fear into many gym goers, as you may fear getting your wobbly bits out in front of a room of strangers.

You simply don't have to face these problems when you work out at home.

You Don't Need a Personal Trainer

Having personal training sessions can be great for fitness motivation and can have great results. That's fine if you are the sort of person who enjoys having a personal trainer to give you a kick in the butt.

Personally I hated trying personal training sessions. The body fat analysis in particular was embarrassing and being weighed every week made me feel bad about myself if I put on a half a pound. I didn't find it motivating at all.

If you are the type of person who can motivate yourself to workout, then there really is no need to opt for expensive personal training. This is a good reason why you shouldn't buy a gym membership and instead, opt for working out at home.


The reason why gyms state you must wipe down equipment before and after use, and provide disinfectant spray, is because there are more unpleasant things than sweat lurking on that machinery. MRSA and infection causing bacteria can be spread on contaminated equipment, for example.

In my experience, not everybody does wipe down after using a machine, meaning I had to suffer smearing their sweat with my towel in an attempt to clean it away. Horrible.

Other Reasons

You might just not enjoy the experience of stale air and the smells from fellow gym goers working out. And that's OK too. You have plenty of workout options that don't involve going to a gym including jogging, working out at home, and even fun fitness options like pole dancing or kayaking.

Pick a workout that suits you and you'll soon realize why you shouldn't get a gym membership after all.

How Can Supplements Help?

I would never suggest that weight loss and diet supplements can replace a good workout regime. However, I believe they can really help boost your current exercise efforts, whether in or out of a gym environment.

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And PhenQ acts as an appetite suppressant so you feel less hungry (making sticking to a diet much easier).

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