Pole Dancing to Lose Weight: Why Pole Fitness is Great for Weight Loss

Pole dancing has a bit of a seedy reputation. Take it away from the Gentleman's club setting and you will find many women (and men) pole dancing to lose weight in gyms and studios across the world.

Some people believe the myths that:

  • Only thin people can pole dance – Actually many overweight people use pole fitness to tone up and lose weight. Poles do have a weight limit but this is set quite high.
  • You can't pole dance to lose weight – The truth is that pole fitness gets your heart pumping just as much as other types of cardio. It is also great for strength training.

So before you write of pole dancing as a means of getting fit and achieving weight loss, please consider the following reasons for giving this exercise a try.

Pole Dancing for Building Muscle

pole dancing to lose weightYou will be doing more than dancing when you install a home pole or go to a class. As you progress you will increasingly use muscles such as:

  • Your core – This will be engaged most of the time when carrying out popular fitness pole moves.
  • Abs – These will be used for stability when you are off the ground.
  • Arms – Used most of the time to pull you up.
  • Legs –  Used for moves such as climbing the pole (which is harder than it looks!)

I have to admit that I tried pole dancing to lose weight, at weekly classes with my sister AND had a home pole a few years back. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my pole due to moving to a smaller apartment.

When I was pole dancing for fitness up to 5 times a week, my muscles ached where previously I had no muscle tone. It felt worth it to achieve a new move.

Pole fitness is an exceptionally fun way to build muscles which burn off calories even while you are resting. This of course helps aid weight loss.

Pole Dancing for Reduced Joint Inflammation

Why is reduced inflammation important to your weight loss efforts? Because you will feel less pain with healthy joints so will be more likely to carry out other cardio and strength exercise.

Pole dancing is great for joint health because it gets them moving a lot. Working out a joint or muscle gets oxygen pumping into the area which feeds the joint what it needs to be active and healthy.

Pole Dancing to Lose Weight

This type of exercise is a bit like swimming in that it is a full body workout. It engages almost every muscle in your body when you are practicing moves or doing a routine. You will be working on things such as strength,stamina,flexibility and cardio.

When compared to more traditional workouts, I certainly found it more enjoyable and believe that you would too. Enjoying your workouts is really important as you'll be more likely to do it again, regularly.

Next Steps

Pole fitness is so popular that there are now classes in pole studios in states and cities across the world. I'd urge you to sign up for a class asap and get ready for a hard (but fun) workout.

Supplements for Weight Loss

If you are exploring workout options such as pole dancing, chances are you are looking to tone up or lose weight. All types of cardio exercise are good for helping weight loss. But you can use safe and effective supplements like PhenQ in order to speed up your efforts.

PhenQ takes a three-pronged approach to weight loss:

  • It burns fat
  • It makes you less hungry so sticking to a diet is easier
  • And gives you more energy that you can use to boost your workout efforts

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