No Equipment Cardio – Intense Home Workouts For Weight Loss

For once you can leave the expensive workout equipment at the gym and still get an intense home workout! In this guide to no equipment cardio exercise you will learn 3 top moves for burning fat and helping weight loss.

The key to getting a good cardio session without weights or machines is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You may already have heard of HIIT as it has proven to be popular both in gym,outdoor and home workouts for weight loss. It is really flexible as it can be carried out anywhere with no equipment.

HIIT involves working out intensely for a short period of time then resting, and repeating until fatigue sets in. Here are three top moves you can try out at home:

Jumping Jacks for No Equipment Cardio

A staple move of workout routines, the humble jumping jack is a great move for getting no equipment cardio in. These burn a lot of calories, especially when you do them to a high intensity.

Do them quickly and carry out as many as you can in 10-15 seconds then rest. Then go again for another short interval. Set yourself a period of time to do them in and try to fill that time with as many as possible. Then try to beat your record next time around.

Warning: if you are doing jumping jacks in an apartment with downstairs neighbors you may get noise complaints. To overcome this, work out in your garden or in a public park.

Plank to Push-up for Intense Home Workouts

plank to push-upPlanks are one of the intense home workouts for weight loss that are deceptively easy at first. The basic plank involves holding the pose for 30 seconds and is mainly about improving your balance.

To get your heart rate going and your bodies muscle building kicked into gear, you are going to do plank-into-push-ups. The name is self explanatory but for the avoidance of doubt, hold the plank position for a set period of time, then move into a full push-up, then back to plank and so on.

These are more difficult than they sound, and even after a few minutes of alternating planks with push-ups you will really feel the burn! Make them more difficult by doing them one handed as in the photo.

Pencil Squats for Fast Weight Loss

Another classic move that you will no doubt be familiar with is the squat. Blame the Kardashian family for making this popular among women who want to get a bigger, more toned bottom.

That isn't the only benefit of the squat. It can be incorporated into a short home HIIT workout easily. It also has weight loss benefits because it burns calories, and the muscle you build whilst squatting will burn calories even when you are resting.

To get maximum benefits from this exercise, try a variation called the pencil squat. This is when you squat with your arms lifted above your head, jump whilst straightening your body like a pencil, and when you land you squat again.

Supplements to Aid Home Workouts

Supplements these days have come a long way. Diet pills such as PhenQ don't just help your body to burn off fat, they give you an increase in energy levels which could help your motivation to workout at home.

PhenQ is a powerful but safe fat burner that also makes you feel less hungry, which is ideal if you are trying to stick to a diet.

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