5 Tips if You’re Morbidly Obese and Don’t Know Where to Start

Being overweight is bad enough for your health, but when you're morbidly obese it can be easy to become dejected and depressed. You might wonder where to start with your weight loss journey considering you have so far to go to get a “normal” BMI.

You might have grown up an overweight kid. This could lead you to believe that obesity is in your genes and there is nothing you can do to reverse morbid obesity.

The truth is nobody is destined to be severely overweight, and even if there is a genetic link in your family you can overcome that and get a slim figure.

I Don't Know Where to Start!

I thought this when I was obese and I'm here to reassure you that even if you don't know where to start, you need to make a start.

where to startSure, it'll take time, discipline and sometimes lots of effort. But if you follow the tips in this guide along with sensible medical weight loss advice, you'll get there. Even if you are 100 pounds or more overweight. Even if it takes years.

If you will change, your body will change.

The following 5 tips will give you an idea of where to start with tackling morbid obesity:

1. Start Eating Less

Specifically, eat less calories. Even more specifically, find out how many calories you burn off while resting (your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR) and subtract 500 calories from that and you have your goal.

As a rule of thumb, men need to eat 2000 or less calories every day in order to lose weight. For women that number is 1500. However, being morbidly obese means you actually have a higher BMR than these guidelines so you may be able to eat a little more.

2. Start With Easy Exercise

Walking is the ideal exercise for people who are in the morbidly obese category. It is easy on your joints and shouldn't work up too much of a sweat. But it burns off significant calories, especially if you work for 30 mins to an hour every day.

The ideal pace you set should be brisk but not so brisk that you get out of breath. If you are unfit and can only manage 5 minutes a day, that's OK. As you build up stamina over time you can increase the time you walk for.

3. Work up to Twice Daily Walking

If you are really determined to lose the weight, go out for two walks a day. One in the morning and one in the evening, or whenever you can fit them in. Make your daily walks a habit and it'll become easier, I promise!

4. Clean Up Your Diet

Gradually make small, positive changes week by week. For example,If you drink 3 cans of soda a day then reduce it to 2 cans a day for a week. The next week reduce it to one can. This step by step approach makes making changes easier as you get used to the change over the period of a week.

Slow and steady. If you gave up soda altogether one day, chances are you will have major soda cravings. The same is true for unhealthy foods. Reduce them gradually until your diet is 80% on track with 20% leeway for small treats.

5. Try Tabata and HIIT

Practically and particularly at first, jumping around in a High Intensity Interval Training session doesn't seem appealing. But down the road, once you have lost your first 30 pounds through diet and walking for example, you can start higher intensity workouts like Tabata.

The good news is, because you are working out intensely in these sessions, you only have to workout for a short period of time. Would you be shocked to hear that even a short 4 minute Tabata workout can work wonders? You might not even be able to finish an intense 4 minute workout if you're doing it right.

Again, it's OK. Try your best with exercise and try not to get down if you fail to complete a session. Work up to a full session over time. Soon it will become easy.

Goals and Motivation

These 5 basic and simple tips will get you started with weight loss. Try to focus on the bigger picture of hitting your goal weight. It helps to set goals but don't make them unrealistic.

Nobody has ever went from being morbidly obese to thin overnight. Document your weight loss with a photo every 3 months for weight loss motivation as you see how far you have come. Visible results should show after the first 2-3 months depending on how much weight you have to lose. After that it's a downhill journey (in a good way!).

Supplements for the Morbidly Obese

It could be said that people who have morbid obesity can get maximum benefits from using a diet pill or weight loss supplement. This is because they have so much weight to lose and diet supplements speed up weight loss so you can reach your goals quicker.

I would recommend the fat burner PhenQ because it:

  1. Burns off excess fat due to its metabolism stimulating effects.
  2. Makes you feel less hungry so avoiding snacks is easier.
  3. Gives you energy so going for a walk or exercising becomes easier.

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Author: Aileen

Hi, I'm Aileen, the owner of Diet Pill Judge. I have personally tried loads of diet pills over the years and found that only a few of them really work.
My background is in science, so I set out to find supplements that have scientific evidence behind them and which I can confidently recommend.

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