Green Tea as a Metabolism Booster: Fat Burning Tea Review

You may have heard of Green Tea as a metabolism booster and fat burner. Did you know that there is real science and clinical proof behind it's weight loss benefits? I want to help you see through the marketing hype of this well established weight loss aid.

Green Tea has many health benefits such as being good for the heart and lowering cholesterol. But did you know it is a good supplement or drink to take for weight loss?

According to a study that was featured in the American Journal or Clinical Nutrition, Green tea can boost fat loss and the bodies metabolism to help aid weight loss.

You may have tried a few different types of diet product and been disappointed when you didn't get results. I am here to prove that Green Tea isn't like these supplements and ineffective products. Green Tea really works as a metabolism booster.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has been given much credit for its ability to boost the bodies metabolism and because it has helped many people to lose those extra pounds that have been bothering them. How does green tea actually work for causing fast weight loss?

  • Boosts your metabolism: Green tea works in aiding weight loss through different mechanisms in the body. One of the ways in which it assist your bodies fat burning ability is by boosting metabolism .By doing this it increase the speed by which food is digested and converted into energy. In this case the food does not stay in the stomach for long enough to be converted to fat, instead it gets worked on immediately and converted into energy that you use in your day to day activities. Through this, it helps to boost your energy levels giving you the strength to carry on your day to day activities with ease.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels: Green tea enables your body to reduce the amount of harmful fats in the blood. This is because it converts excess fats into energy that you use to carry out day to day activities.
  • Suppresses appetite: The other thing is that it does is to reduce your appetite and your urge to eat those cookies and burgers. It suppresses you appetite by making you feel full for longer periods and you may not even realize when it is time to eat. This will contribute to fast weight loss because your fat reserves will be depleted since you are eating less calories.
  • Burns calories: Not only does green tea suppress your appetite, therefore reducing your calorie intake, it also burns the calories that are already in your body. You do not even have to exercise to see some weight loss as you can lose those pounds easily by just drinking green tea regularly.

Green Tea Clinical Proof

There are loads of clinical studies and evidence that prove Green Tea's ability to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Let's look at one:

In this study, 10 male participants spent a day in a metabolism testing chamber after ingesting either:

  1. Green Tea that naturally contained 150 mg of caffeine and 270 mg of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG – the main active ingredient of green tea)
  2. 150 mg of caffeine or
  3. A placebo.

The expectation was that the Green Tea extract would cause a slight metabolism boost, even over the group that were given caffeine. Was this the result?

The results showed that men in the placebo and caffeine group had no statistically significant raise in metabolism This was what was expected.

green tea as a metabolsim boosterBut in the group that were given Green Tea, their metabolism was boosted by exactly 4% over a 24 hr period.

It may seem like a small boost but it is a boost nonetheless and you can achieve similar results just by using a Green Tea product like Slim Diet Patch.

4% is a significant raise in your metabolism considering the participants weren't exercising. It proves that Green Tea as a metabolism booster is effective and really works for causing weight loss.

Green Tea Ingredients

They came to the conclusion that the ingredient found in Green Tea have a synergistic effect on each other and come together to promote fat oxidation and metabolism increase.

Furthermore, they found that a compound called Flavonoids changed the way that the body reacts to Norepinephrine, a hormone that regulates calorie burning. The flavonoids in Green Tea significantly contributed to its fat burning power.

Catechin polyphenols are another compound found in green tea that aid in thermogenesis (the burning off of calories through heat loss).

Side Effects

In this study and others, no negative side effects were seen which proves that Green Tea and supplements extracted from Green Tea are a safe choice for dieters.

Unlike other herbal weight loss remedies like Ephedra, it doesn't raise heart rate or blood pressure so you don't need to worry if you have heart problems, though it is always best to check with a doctor before taking any supplement.

Because Green Tea contains a small amount of caffeine, you get the appetite suppression effects without the negatives like insomnia and a racing heart.

Is it all down to caffeine?

Now some people think that Green Tea only works for weight loss because it contains the stimulant caffeine. This study shows that its benefits go well beyond those that caffeine gives it.

To test whether the benefits were all down to caffeine they gave participants the same dosage of caffeine as was contained in the Green Tea they were trialing. The results showed that there was no significant change in calorie burning or fat loss so this proved that Green Tea is more than just caffeine.

Green Tea as a Metabolism Booster

green tea benefitsIt is important to have realistic expectations from a weight loss aid. Nothing is going to make you lose weight overnight. It isn't your fault if you believed similar stories. Lot's of supplement advertisements make bold claims that they can't back up.

Well the evidence that Green Tea works for weight loss is clear. A 4% metabolism boost is probably better than many of the supplements available on the market that make fantastical claims. Plus there are several other health benefits of Green Tea.

Green Tea does work for fat burning on it's own but for best results you want to follow sensible diet and exercise advice. That means if you drink or take Green Tea but still overeat, you will either put on weight or stay the same weight. It's all about balance.

So the best way forward is to choose a sensible diet , pick a great Green Tea containing product such as Slim Diet Patch and go on an exercise program that includes resistance training and cardio. Before you know it, the pounds will have dropped off quickly!

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