Weight Loss Gender Differences: Women vs Men

You are not just imaging things: you honestly do have weight loss gender differences you have to deal with. At times it can feel like you are doing everything right and when you even think about having an extra bite of food you gain one pound.

You are not alone, so don't feel bad. Since this appears to be one of the age-old problems, and one that we are sure everybody has experienced, let's see what some of the important facts are when it comes to the issue of weight loss in women versus men.

It is true to say that men and women are simply built differently. Hormones are in control of the ratios of fat to muscle in our bodies. In men, the hormone mainly in control is testosterone which sets out what size bones are as well as how big muscles are.

Because more muscle burns more calories, testosterone is indirectly linked to how many calories a man can burn, their metabolism. Women are more led by female hormones like estrogen, and it is this key difference that means that men and women do lose weight at different rates.

Why Do Women Have It Worse Than Men?

You may have been training next to a member of the opposite sex and noticed they are getting different results from you. According to studies, women do put on weight faster than men and have a more difficult time burning it off through exercise.

This unfortunately means that women have to work harder than men to lose weight. It's not easy for men to do, but it's even harder for women.

The fact that magazines are so obsessed with slim bodies equating beauty, means that life is even harder on women who want to lose weight. If you continually crash diet like the celebs do, then your body will try to hold on to the fat stores it has as it goes into hunger mode for survival.

This means weight loss actually becomes harder as time goes on, prompting even more desperate attempts at weight loss such as outright starvation and dangerous diet pills. With these methods, you may become thinner, but you certainly won't be healthier.

Being Hungry Isn't Something You Are Just Making Up

Women have been taught to pretend they don't really like food. Like it would be shameful to crave that chocolate drizzled cake on the dessert cart. However, apparently we are unable to fool ourselves.

The National Academy of Sciences published a study that found that even when women weren't hungry when they tasted, smelled, or looked at sweets such as chocolate cake or cinnamon roles, that their brains registered a desire for eating them.

On the other hand, men didn't have that problem making it one of the main gender differences when it comes to losing weight.

men vs womenThere is another problem that women are faced with that men don't have to deal with and that is men don't have a big increase in a certain hormone telling them they are hungry immediately after working out.

So that strong urge women have for going directly from gym to your refrigerator isn't just your imagination playing tricks on you. It is suggested by research that this may be an evolutionary issue.

I'm not saying that life is intrinsically difficult for women and that men have it easy when it comes to weight loss gender differences. Men can have it hard too!

Fertility and Weight Loss Gender Differences

Women's bodies have been designed to ensure they stay fertile, and one way our bodies attempt to do that is ensuring you don't deplete your store of calories to burn.

Female fitness enthusiasts and athletes, for example, might stop having their menstrual cycle, so the desire of wanting to eat right after you exercise may be your body attempting to maintain your reproductive system in optimal mode.

Do Your Cravings Matter?

There is another thing that appears to work against us and that is the kinds of foods we crave, specifically carbs for women and protein-filled steak for men.

It doesn't seem like there is anything that suggests one is better than others, it just appears women really prefer carbs, and men have a hunger for protein. As long as you eat both in moderation you should be fine.

Muscles, Muscles, And More Muscles

Naturally, men have more muscle mass compared to women. Just as women are designed for protecting their reproductive systems, men have been designed to have more muscle and less body fat, and that is partly due to testosterone, their primary hormone.

However, things don't need to stay this way. It does take work but building muscle can be done. If you are a woman: do your best to stick with the rule of performing strength training three times per week, at least, and you will begin burning more fat and calories.

This applies even while at rest as men do.

Typically Women Do The Shopping And Cooking

Women may have made a lot of progress in the business world, however, they still tend to be the ones who do most of the food shopping and cooking.

Spending that much time being around food can definitely make it easy to throw you off course, with buying impulse foods at the grocery store to all of the taste testings while cooking.

One thing you can do to start combating the problem is to get your family involved and take the extra time for planning healthy meals, instead of opting for the easier or faster alternatives.

Bottom Line

Overall, women and women have some serious differences in how they lose weight. That doesn't mean that because you are a specific gender that you can't achieve your goals, you may just need to work a bit harder and be happy with the results taking a bit longer.

Stay focused and keep in mind that crash dieting doesn't provide lasting results. The only thing that really helps is to make healthy sustainable changes to your life over the long term.

How Can Men and Women Lose Weight Fast?

Taking a supplement like PhenQ can help to speed up your weight loss rate, whether you are male or female. It focuses on boosting your metabolism so you can achieve a steady rate of weight loss and achieve your diet goals into the future.

And it is designed to work for everyone, no matter what the issues are surrounding your weight gain. It aids fat loss, makes you feel less hungry, and helps you out with a boost of energy you can use in the gym or when exercising.

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