Weight Loss For Couples: Challenges and Benefits

Losing weight can be difficult, but weight loss for couples can be more or less difficult depending on how you look at the situation. Because while there are challenges when it comes to losing weight as a couple, there are also loads of advantages of losing weight together.

In this article I will look at some of those advantages and disadvantages along with some tips for losing weight with your partner. This may help you decide whether to go ahead with losing weight with your partner on board, or you might even decide you'd prefer to go it alone.

Advantages to losing weight as a couple

  • weight loss for couplesHaving someone else to keep you accountable can be a real source of motivation for some people. If you are hungry in between meals, but are dieting alongside your partner, you might be less likely to snack or choose an unhealthy snack.
  • You have someone there to motivate you to exercise on those days where you really don't feel like it. You will probably find that if you choose to exercise with your partner, you get into a routine that is hard to break.
  • Groceries are easier to buy if you are on the same diet as your partner. This is because you will be eating the same foods. If you were dieting and they weren't you would need to effectively buy two lots of food shopping to accommodate the difference in diet. This might even save you money!
  • Similarly, cooking is easier when you are facing this challenge together. You won't need to cook one meal for him and another special diet meal for her for example.
  • There will be less chance of jealousy if one of you loses weight and the other is left at a higher weight. It may not affect everyone who loses weight as a couple, but it can affect some. Doing things together means that although you might lose weight at different rates, you are both getting the benefits of weight loss.

Disadvantages to weight loss for couples

  • It is a fact that men can eat more than women and still lose weight. This can be a source of annoyance for many women who are dieting. It can also add difficulties in portion control, as if a couple were to eat exactly the same meals then the woman would not lose weight as fast as the man in a relationship.
  • When one half of a couple takes the role of “food police”, constantly questioning why their other half is snacking or not exercising, it can cause conflict in a relationship, even thought they may mean well.
  • If one person in a relationship slips up with, for example with a takeout, it is extremely tempting for the other person to fall off the diet wagon too. If one of you just isn't motivated then it can have a negative effect on the other person.

Tips for Couples who are losing weight together

If you do decide to commit to dieting and exercising with your partner, there are a few tips you can follow to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience:

  • Learn to keep your own source of motivation, because there will be days where your partner lacks the drive to workout and diet. Whether it be motivational quotes on social media, following celebrities who have lost weight successfully, or looking at before and after photos of weight loss challenges, they all help.
  • Find exercise that you both find fun. There is little worse than drudging through an exercise class that you really aren't enjoying. Double that effect if your partner isn't into the form of exercise either. Your motivation levels will thank you when you do something you truly enjoy as exercise.
  • Similarly, pick a diet you can enjoy. An example of what not to do would be to choose the cabbage soup diet as a long term plan (unless you are a strange person who loves cabbage soup!). Most people fall off the diet wagon quickly when they don't enjoy the food they are eating.
  • Confide in your partner. If you are struggling with some aspect of your weight loss then you can rely on your partner to help solve problems that may arise and keep you going with your diet and exercise. This is one reason why having a partner to lose weight with is often better than losing weight alone.

Getting extra help

Whether you decide to lose weight as a couple, or diet alone, there are supplements and pills that can really help you to speed up your weight loss and stick to a diet.

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