What to do When You’re Tired of Being Fat

Few of us realize that being overweight can have an extremely bad effect on our self confidence. You may not feel comfortable when shopping for clothes, knowing that the clothes you try on won't fit properly. This can lead to embarrassment and leave you hot and flustered thinking “I am tired of being fat!”.

Whatever the reason, being truly fed up of your fat is actually the first step towards losing the weight. It is only when you realize that you have a problem that you can begin to work towards getting rid of your excess fat for good.

Get motivated

What you need to do is to turn that hatred of being fat into a burning desire to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, the first few days of a diet may actually be the easiest. When you start a diet your motivation is at an all time high, but as time goes on you may begin to feel less motivated and slip into old habits.

To make sure your motivation doesn't wane set a clear, achievable goal for weight loss. Three pounds a week is the maximum realistic weight loss goal. Be sure to write down your starting weight and goal end weight.

Stick this on your fridge next to a before picture, and if you have one stick up a picture of you at your lowest weight. This way every time you go to eat something from the fridge you will be reminded of how much weight you need to lose, making snacking less likely.

Choose a weight loss plan

Next you must decide how you are going to lose the weight. It may sound clichéd but diet and exercise are the foundation of any good weight loss plan. To lose 2-3 pounds a week, a controlled calorie diet of 1500 calories per week is ideal.

Couple this with a few half hour workouts every week for the best results. You don't have to invest in a pricey gym membership to get a good workout, any home fitness DVD will do, or even a jog around the block.

Hate getting sweaty? Walking will still do wonders for changing your body shape, but you may have to walk for longer to see the same results as running.

How to lose weight faster

To speed up weight loss it is a good idea to choose a diet supplement and stick with it for the duration of your weight loss. If your goal is to speed up your metabolism, allowing you to loosen up on your diet or exercise regime, then a fat burner may be the best option.

With a higher metabolism, you can burn more calories while resting.

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If you have tried traditional diet pills in the past but they haven't worked, you may want to look into a new type of diet product known as a slimming patch.

Diet patches like the Slim Diet Patch can help burn calories and reduce your appetite to help you stick to your diet plan.

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