Low calorie Easter eggs

It would be very easy to buy an Easter egg with over 1,000 calories in one egg. But where would that leave your waistline?

chocolate easter eggs

Easter is one of the most difficult times of year for those on a weight loss plan, next to Christmas. Parents can find themselves snacking on their childrens Easter eggs, and with chocolate lining every supermarket shelf, it is a chocoholics dream (but a dieters nightmare).

You can still stick to a weight loss plan at Easter if you follow our Easter weight loss guide, and choose lower calorie versions of Easter eggs that won't break your calorie allowance.

The cadburys cream egg

This 100g egg comes in at a reasonable 520 calories. Sadly (or gladly for many dieters) the Easter egg isn't filled with cream egg insides.

A word of warning, the calories don't include the two free cream eggs that come in the box! Best not to eat them all in one sitting.

Kit kat chunky Easter egg

The medium sized 120g egg from Nestle contains 708 calories. Again this one comes with two free kit kat chunky bars so it might be an idea to give them away or save them for later.

Cadburys mini eggs

There is a way to feel positively virtuous at Easter and still eat chocolate. A 40g bag of mini eggs contains just 170 calories. Compared to Easter egg alternatives they offer a great choice if you want to satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank.

If you find it difficult to stop after a few bits, or want to curb your chocolate cravings, Click here to read our guide for information on how to curb chocolate cravings this Easter.

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