How To Keep Weight Loss Motivation

The food we eat today is loaded with fat and sugar, and most of it is processed. Because of this, there are more people concerned with their weight and actively trying to lose it today more than ever.

When we start losing weight, motivation levels are high. But we quickly lose motivation due to a number of factors like not losing weight quickly enough and having a bad week where you put on weight even though you have tried your hardest.

The key to successful weight loss is overcoming this loss of motivation and staying motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

For some people it is enough to simply visualize fitting into a new dress for a special occasion. For others the thought of reducing the impact of health problems such as diabetes is enough.

First you must understand what causes you to lose motivation along the way of your weight loss journey, then we will look at ways to keep motivated to lose weight.

Why Do You Lose Motivationweight loss success

Psychologists believe that there are two main things you need to stay motivated:

  1. Positive feedback – this can come from successfully losing weight each week .
  2. Support – encouragement from friends,family and personal trainers for example.

People usually lose motivation because these do not have these things. If they stop losing weight for a while they are left feeling tired,hungry and useless. This causes a definite decrease in motivation to continue (1).

Loss of motivation also occurs as a result of strict dieting. Deprivation of favorite foods can cause a lack of interest in your diet and therefore a loss of motivation to continue on it.

There are lots of people on the diet and motivation rollercoaster, you aren't alone.

Reasons to Keep Motivated

There are a whole host of reasons why you should feel motivated to lose weight, but I know it isn't always as easy as believing the theory. Nevertheless, please take a look at the following list of reasons why anyone would want to lose weight and see if any resonate with you.

  • Cut your heart attack risk drastically.
  • Stop taking diabetes medication, safely.
  • Live longer so you can see your children grow up.
  • No longer dread clothes shopping, and instead feel confident with what you see in the mirror.
  • Reduce joint pain and regain range of movement.
  • Enjoy activities such as gardening and walking once again without discomfort.

How To Stay Motivated

  • Get positive feedback and supportkey to success

You will be much more successful if you get the positive feedback and support you need. Keep moving towards your weight loss goal and don't give up if you reach a plateau. use the support you have as a motivating force, with words and actions of encouragement.

  • Don't diet

Don't go on a diet. Simple. Realize that you are not on a short-term quick fix, you are making changes to your life long eating habits. A long-term, steady rate of weight loss through healthy eating is easier to stick to than a faddy diet.

  • Don't starve

You probably already know about “starvation mode” when you eat so little that you cause your body to shut down its metabolism and even pile on fat as a defense mechanism. This will definitely decrease your motivation, so don't do it!

  • Change the way you eat

Learn what the right portion sizes are, they are probably smaller than you thought. For instance, a portion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards, but in restaurants they serve up huge cuts of meat. If you improve your weight loss success by eating the right foods in the right portion sizes, you will stay motivated to lose more.

  • Place reminders around you

Keep small reminders such as notes on the fridge reminding you of the reasons why you want to lose weight. That way you will be less likely to forget. Some people take this tip a stage further and make vision boards and posters with inspiring magazine cutouts, quotes and reasons for losing weight. It doesn't have to be too creative, do what is comfortable for you.

What Can I Do To Boost My Weight Loss?

One of the key points in this article is that if you are losing weight week in week out then you will stay motivated to stick to your exercise and eating plan and therefore lose more weight.

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(1) Elsevier: What's Motivation Got to do with Weight Loss?

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