Genetic Testing for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

One of the upcoming exciting developments in the world of dieting is genetic testing for weight loss. Testing DNA is set to become a big thing with more of us becoming curious about our genes and what they mean for our metabolism, dieting and weight loss.

Scientific evidence is mounting to show that there are variations in our DNA that can affect the way we eat and the way in which our bodies process different types of food. These changes can change whether we gain or lose weight.

Caffeine Metabolism

coffee and caffeineAn example of differences in metabolism is the way our genes affect the way our bodies break down caffeine.

Some people will already have an idea that they are sensitive to caffeine (experiencing jitters and shaking for example).

Genetic testing can confirm this and better choices can be made, such as opting for caffeine free diet pills like Proactol XS, which allows you to avoid the sometimes negative side effects of caffeine while boosting your weight loss.

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Know What Foods to Eat

There are currently genetic tests available that can help you to choose the foods to eat and which to avoid. Ever been on a diet (such as a low carb diet) but found you weren't seeing results? The answer could be in your genes.

Before we were blindly following diet plans without knowing If they are going to work for us. The truth is that a diet isn't going to work for everyone.

Get the Right Nutrients

Some personalized genetic testing can tell you specifically how much Omega-3 fatty acids or Vitamin C you need to eat every day for example, which allows you to tailor any weight loss plan you choose to your own requirements.

genetic testing for weight lossGenetic Testing Services

One of the promising start-ups in the world of genetic testing is the company Helix.

They have launched an online store where offers include gene sequencing and a service called Vinome (which advises you on choosing the best wine for your body make-up for example – Bet you never thought you'd need that!)

Possibly a more useful service is called EverlyWell which can use your DNA to find out what food sensitivities you have and how your metabolism works.

The Future of Diet Pills

Perhaps in the future we will be able to use genetic testing to find out what diet pills are right for you. In the meantime this site aims to pick apart how different diet pills work. For example: You might find a caffeine free diet pill like Proactol XS is better for you because you are caffeine sensitive.

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Or you might choose a fat burner like PhenQ because you go to the gym and would like an energy boost.

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My background is in science, so I set out to find supplements that have scientific evidence behind them and which I can confidently recommend.

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