5 Diet Tips for Losing Weight When You’re On Holiday

If you're anything like me when you go on holiday, your diet gets ignored and you indulge in the exciting foreign foods available. At the end of your break, you have to face the harsh truth on the scales: you've put on weight. Following these diet tips when on holiday will allow you to maintain or even lose weight when you head abroad.

Control Your Calories

Losing or maintaining your weight while on holiday comes down to the number of calories you eat. Because even if you make an effort to eat healthier, more natural foods, if you eat too much you'll still gain weight.

I'm not suggesting going overboard with counting calories: after all you're on holiday! You want to let loose a little and not be a slave to the scale. But try to have a general idea of the number of calories you have eaten today in your head.

Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? It's tempting to load up your plate sometimes more than once, with foods you wouldn't eat back home because they are filled with calories and fat. Even when on a self catering holiday, the temptations of trying lots of local foods are high.

When you are in a hot climate, being uncomfortably full with rich foods isn't pleasant. So there are a few solutions to this problem because it can be nice to try the local cuisine:

  1. Share – Order a dish to share with whoever you are on holiday with.
  2. Eat a little – An option if you are holidaying alone but beware as it might offend restaurant staff to leave some uneaten depending on local customs.
  3. Opt for the tasting menu – Some holiday destinations do a tasting menu in their restaurants which are ideal for trying local delicacies without overeating.

Make Better Food Choices

beach sceneYou can choose your food carefully in order to cut down on calories whilst still eating well. Following these diet tips when on holiday involves looking for more natural and unprocessed foods. As a general rule of thumb, these foods are lower in calories (but not always).

Foods in their natural state are filled with nutrients and vitamins that often get lost when they are processed. Some of these minerals and nutrients contribute to helping your body to burn fat.

If you go for highly processed foods, chances are that they are high in calories and low in nutrients.

Another good food choice you could make is avoiding creamy sauces with pasta, often popular in European countries like Italy and Spain. They are very rich and tend to be high in fat and calories. Tomato based sauces are ideal for dieters.

Cook in Your Apartment

This tip only applies if you are vacationing in an apartment, not a hotel (where I think cooking would be frowned upon!). Learn a few basic dishes before you jet off. Then you can cook them easily in your apartment.

When you arrive at your holiday destination, find the nearest grocery store or supermarket and stock up on basics like wholegrain rice and pasta. Now consider visiting a local market to choose fresh and local food such as fruit and vegetables and maybe even fresh fish if you are by the sea.

Fill Up On Vegetables

This is a common diet tip you may hear, even back home. Never is it more useful than when you are on holiday abroad though. You can buy veggies that are local to the area you are visiting and include them in meals.

Vegetables are without fail, very low in calories. And they really fill you up! Try to add a few servings of veg to every meal.

If you aren't cooking on holiday, try ordering a lovely fresh salad which is both refreshing and should be low in calories.

Have the Occasional Blowout

ice creamYou need to have some discipline in order to lose weight with these diet tips when on holiday. But you don't have to be too strict. The occasional cheat meal could actually do wonders for your metabolism.

After all, if you forbid certain foods you'll only crave them more. And possibly end up binging on them.

A good rule to follow is that you should eat healthy, natural, low calorie foods 80% of the time and the other 20% you can splurge a little, maybe on a refreshing ice cream or a big meal out.

That way you can still enjoy your holiday and not feel like you are depriving yourself.

Taking Diet Pills on Holiday

Although the diet pills we recommend are safe and 100% legal, I always suggest checking local customs laws for the country you will be traveling to.

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