Review of The Hollywood Patch For Weight Loss

The Hollywood Patch is a slimming patch that makes a bold statement: that you can lose up to two dress sizes in two weeks. This piqued my interest and I decided to review this patch so see if it lives up to this claim.

hollywood patch reviewWhat is the Hollywood Patch

The Hollywood Patch is like any other weight loss patch in that you stick it on a discreet area of skin and the ingredients are delivered trans-dermally. Unlike other patches each patch is replaced after two days unlike the usual 24 hours.

It contains green tea as the main ingredient, and also contains an algae extract that I could not find specified but it is probably Bladderwrack.

Does the Hollywood Patch work

Firstly lets look at the ingredients. There is no doubt that green tea works for weight loss, but all the studies have been carried out on Green Tea that has been drunk. No studies exist for trans-dermal green tea absorption. So this ingredient may not even be absorbed.

Next lets look at the pack size. You get 15 patches for a 30 day supply, but I would rather have a patch that you change daily because who knows how little is left of ingredients in the second day.

Then lets examine the claim that you can drop two dress sizes in two weeks. This seems like a ridiculous claim to me as it takes roughly a seven pound weight loss to drop a dress size, so you would need to lose a pound a day to drop two dress sizes in two weeks. Not only is this unhealthy it seems pretty impossible considering the average weight loss is 2-3 pounds a week.

What is the best alternative?

slim diet patchI know of a diet patch that contains Bladderwrack, gives you a patch a day and offers realistic and effective weight loss. It is called the Slim Diet Patch and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular slimming patches around.

When I used the patch myself I dropped 5 pounds in my first week which tapered off to a healthy 3 pounds a week after that, without dieting and exercise.

To find out more:

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