The AspireAssist: Stomach Pumping for Weight Loss?

aspireassistThe latest news in bariatric surgery is a new device called “AspireAssist”. This system involves a tube reaching from the stomach to a hand held aspirator, which you use to empty 30% of your stomach contents into the toilet.

The launch of this obesity management product has truly divided opinion, with some calling it medically endorsed bulimia, and others hailing it as the answer to today's obesity crisis.

What is AspireAssist?

Put simply, it is another type of bariatric surgery similar to the gastric band or bypass, but is claimed to be minimally invasive. To get this device fitted you undergo an outpatient procedure using conscious anesthesia, no general anesthetic is used. A tube is placed inside the stomach that connects to an external port the size of a poker chip.

20 minutes after each meal, the user voluntarily carries out the aspiration process through the port into the toilet. The device manufacturers suggest carrying this out 3 times a day at first for maximum weight loss results.

Does AspireAssist Work?

Looking at the results of clinical trials, it does seem to work to an extent. In U.S clinical trials patients lost an average of 46 pounds in their first year. This places it's effectiveness up their with other types of bariatric surgery but with the benefit of being minimally invasive and reversible.

That is great news if you are fine with the basic idea and ethical dilemma associated with this device, and it may even look like an appealing alternative to constant dieting.

AspireAssist Dangers and Disadvantages

The major danger of using this device is that it has been compared to bulimia. Just like with the mental illness, users are purging part of their food intake after eating. The difference is replace “purge” with “aspirate” and fingers with a handy medical device. Few people can overcome the mental hurdle it takes to accept this weight loss method as legitimate.

Secondly, it doesn't retrain you to eat healthier. AspireAssist attempt to overcome this by giving one to one counselling and online group support. They say that anyone eating a healthy,balanced diet shouldn't suffer the consequences of emptying a third of the nutrients they eat into the toilet. But is a person who is often hundreds of pounds overweight going to be eating a nutrient rich balanced diet?

The risks of the surgery itself include potentially life threatening infection, anaemia and constipation or diarrhea. It has to be said that the risks are thought to be less than more invasive procedures such as a full gastric bypass operation.

AspireAssist Alternatives

If you can't afford this treatment as it can be quite pricey, or don't like the sound of medically endorsed bulimia as a weight loss option, there are cheaper, healthier and more ethically sound options.

For people who have a lot of weight to lose we would suggest using a fat binding diet pill called Proactol XS which blocks up to 800 times it's own weight in fat when it comes into contact with it in your stomach. You may have heard of a fat binding chemical called Xenical. Well this is an ideal Xenical alternative to because it binds fat without the dangers of oily stools and embarrassing flatulence.

Expect to lose a healthy 2-3 lbs of weight a week when taking Proactol XS and you will soon find the weight drops off and you reach your goal without resorting to dangerous weight loss surgery.

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