Litramine Diet Pill Review – Does it Work? Side Effects?

Litramine is a product that is included as an ingredient inside diet pills and supplements such as XLS medical. It belongs to a group of ingredients known as fat blockers or fat binders, because of it's action on dietary fat. The way it works is that it causes some of the fat you eat to not be absorbed, and that fat passes through your body.

Other fat blockers exist that have varying levels of side effects and effectiveness. For example, Proactol XS has a different key ingredient but we have evaluated that it is more effective with less side effects than Litramine. If you want to save time:

Click here for our full Proactol XS review

litramine logoLitramine does work to a degree, it has been clinically proven to do so. So has Proactol. It is certified as a medical device, so has Proactol. With these similarities it can be hard to choose between them. The main differences arise when it comes to looking at side effects and cost of both pills.

Litramine Side Effects

InQpharm, the people behind Litramine, claim there are no adverse affects when you take a supplement containing this ingredient. We analyzed XLS medical (being the most popular fat blocker to contain Litramine) and found that thousands of people reported negative side effects including:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Sickness

On a popular women's forum people were reporting bad side effects like the ones above:

“I took x2 after my breakfast x2 lunch x2 dinner .. About 7pm I started getting really bad stomach cramps & felt very bloated!” – forum

And on Amazon the reviews were overwhelmingly poor:

Absolute rubbish didn't lose any weight was crampy,bloated and constipated” – Anne

“Recently I was woken in the night with terrible stomach cramps which were uncontrollable. After 2 hours I couldn't stand anymore and a visit to A and E and large dose of morphine later it was decided that it was XLS causing the pain. Needless to say I wont be taking anymore!” – Helen

xls medical packI tried XLS Medical myself in order to judge if the product should be this sites number one fat blocker (all in the name of science!) and had severe stomach pain on the first day which kept me up all night in extreme pain. I binned the product the next day which felt like a waste of money as I had spent more than I usually would on the product.

Proactol XS, being our top rated fat binder, has very few if any negative side effects. People find it works better with their bodies natural processes and is less harsh on their system than Litramine containing products. It is just as effective.

How much does Litramine cost?

XLS Medical and bmiSMART I-Remove fat binder are both products that contain Litramine, and both seem to come with a high cost. Not only that, but there seems to be an attempt to obfuscate their value for money. For example, a 30 tablet pack of XLS medical (approx $20 or £15) sounds cheap but will only last 5 days because you need to take 6 pills a day. This information wasn't obvious on the purchase page of UK retailer Holland and Barrett.

It seems very clear that since they are all effective products, by making a huge saving on Proactol XS you are best going with that.

Where can I Buy Litramine?

If you really want to buy a Litramine containing product, bmiSMART I-Remove and XLS medical are the ones to choose from and are both available on amazon.

What you may be wondering right now is what Proactol XS is and where the best place to buy that is, since it has a much better side effect profile and is nearly half the price of Litramine. We cover all of this in our:

Proactol XS review

Author: Aileen

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My background is in science, so I set out to find supplements that have scientific evidence behind them and which I can confidently recommend.

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