What are the Best Herbs and Spices for Burning Fat?

One of the best ways to literally spice things up when you plan to eat sometimes bland diet foods is by using the best herbs and spices as a seasoning to add flavor to your dishes.

Not only can they add flavor, but certain herbs and spices can also aid in burning fat within your body too! Below is a list of some of the herbs and spices you are going to want to add to your meals asap.


This is a herb that is thought to help aid fat burning in your body when you eat it in meals.

It works by taking a two-pronged approach to fat burning:

  1. It gives your metabolism a boost and gives you more energy. When your metabolism is boosted by Ginseng, your body will naturally burn more calories off.
  2. Also, the added energetic feeling you get when consuming this herb can give you the motivation to exercise more, which in turn helps you to burn off more fat.

If you don't like the taste or would prefer not to add it to your meals, you can buy ginseng capsules to get the same benefits.


Cinnamon tastes great, especially in home baking. It is also known to be good for your body and well-being.

herbs and spicesCinnamon has a lot of nutrients in it and, like Ginseng, could aid in increasing your metabolic rate.

There are a whole host of things that Cinnamon has traditionally been used for, from stabilizing blood sugar levels to lowering cholesterol levels in your blood.

An easy way to get some Cinnamon in your diet is to sprinkle it's powdered form on top of your coffee.

Here's a special recipe you can use that includes this wonder ingredient:
Blend fresh apples with some skim milk and sprinkle some Cinnamon in for added flavor.


Mustard is a wonder spice too. Unfortunately, it tends to be found on “junk food” such as hot dogs, but there are several clever ways to get the benefits without eating fattening foods.

Try adding Mustard spice or seeds to savory dishes that you make (if you like the taste, of course).

Try making a tasty sandwich that includes lean chicken or turkey with plenty of vegetables on whole grain bread. Then add flavor with some Mustard.

This tip isn't for everyone, but some people just love dipping their vegetables such as carrots and celery in mustard.

Try it and see!


The health benefits of Turmeric have made it increasingly popular over the last year or so.

It is extremely versatile, is rich in nutrients, has amazing health benefits, and most importantly it helps aid weight loss.

If you have never tried Turmeric before, an easy way to introduce it into your everyday life is by sprinkling it in curries or other savory rice dishes.

Extra help

If you are serious about burning off fat then while herbs and spices will give your metabolism a mild boost, you will need something a bit stronger to really rev up your body's fat-burning ability.

There is no need to put your health at risk when taking supplements, I have analyzed the worlds top diet pills to see which are both safe and effective for speeding up weight loss.

I came to the conclusion that the absolute shining example of fat burners is a supplement called PhenQ.

You get a major metabolism boost without bad side effects, except for feeling more energetic which is ideal if you struggle to get the motivation to exercise.

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