Weight Loss Drinks For Women

Women have a specific set of needs when it comes to weight loss. We often find it more difficult to lose weight than men because our daily calorie allowance is lower (with men being allowed 2500 calories a day and women only 2000) and thus can be harder to stick to.

Therefore we look to diet products like weight loss drinks to help curb our hunger pangs and help us to stick to a diet.

Meal Replacement Shakes

There are meal replacement drinks such as weight watchers shakes and Medifast drinks, but these can be quite difficult plans to stick to. On some plans you replace two meals a day and have a healthy meal at night, with others you replace every meal with a weight loss drink.

Some women find it impossible to go all day without actually eating, so a weight loss drink you take in between meals to curb hunger pangs for unhealthy snacks is ideal.

Other Weight Loss Drinks

Products that contain an ingredient known as Glucomannan can be used between meals to stop hunger pangs and curb cravings for snacks. They work because this ingredient expands in water to form a gel in the stomach that makes you feel full.

The idea is you will feel less hungry and therefore eat less making these drinks and ideal addition to calorie controlled diets.

The Best Weight Loss Drink

Possibly the best weight loss drink for women is Skinny Sprinkles. With a lovely retro style packaging and strawberry flavour, these pleasant sachets are easy to use by mixing with water or skimmed milk. Use 3 times a day for maximum results.

As well as containing Glucomannan as a key ingredient they also contain an energy booster and blood sugar level stabilizer. This helps with exercise motivation as you will have more energy, and also further adds to the craving curbing effects of the drink.

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