Vegetarian atkins diet

As a vegetarian looking to lose weight,  it can be difficult to follow any sort of popular diet plan to the letter.  Usually we can work round diet plan restrictions by substituting meat for quorn or tofu alternatives, but on the atkins diet where meat and dairy forms the largest part of the diet this can be especially restrictive for vegetarians.

Vegans considering the atkins plan should probably look for atkins alternatives. The “Eco-atkins”  suggests a fat and protein mix which includes nuts,seeds vegetables and soya products.

For vegetarians the traditional atkins diet is doable with some substitutions.

Here are some top tips for following the atkins diet as a vegetarian:

  1. Learn to love omelettes.  Omelettes can be a versatile meal, for breakfast lunch or as part of dinner. Experiment with cheese and atkins friendly vegetables for a quick and tasty meal. Why not try mixing in quorn sausages for some variety and flavour.
  2. Know your vegetables.  While atkins encourages eating lots of vegetables you should be careful to choose those that aren't high in carbs. Particularly low carbohydrate vegetables include spinach (use as a base for salads for something different),mushrooms,pepper and lettuce.
  3. Find atkins friendly fruit. Sadly, many fruits are high in natural sugar which isn't good news for the atkins dieter.Banned on the first phase of the diet, but in the maintenance phase you can enjoy fruit such as blueberries,strawberries and melon. Splenda is the recommended atkins sugar substitute.
  4. Up your protein intake. Thankfully there are lots of meat substitutes to choose from. Quorn, soya and tofu products are proabably a staple for most vegan and vegetarian dieters already so this shouldn't be much of a transition.
  5. Keep track of your carbs. It is extra important for low carb vegetarians to count the carbs they eat, simply because our diets are naturally high in carbs.  The atkins carb allowance is 20g in the induction phase, so keep a close eye on your carb intake.

If you need a little extra help to curb your carb intake, a carb blocker such as the Bonita carb blocker can significantly reduce your bodies ability to absorb carbohydrates, and with non gelatin capsules (perfect for us vegetarians).

Author: Aileen

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