Top 3 Tasty Fat Burning Lunch Ideas

Lunch is an important meal, especially if you use it as an opportunity to boost your metabolism and get your bodies fat burning abilities revved up for the day ahead. Try the following tasty fat burning lunch ideas that will give you the right nutrients and vitamins plus keep you full until dinner time.

Warning! There may be some light cooking involved but I'll give you simple to follow tips to keep this to a minimum.

Grilled Chicken and vegetables

This is a very simple yet tasty recipe. Save on cooking by making your grilled chicken the night before for dinner, then use the leftovers in your lunch. You can also try using a rotisserie chicken and cutting it up for your lunches.

Choose seasonal vegetables to save money (as they tend to be cheaper when in season). For example, summer veggies like corn,squash and zucchini add flavor and variety to what could be an otherwise bland selection.
It's a very versatile recipe with lots of room for customization based on your own taste and what vegetables are in season.

Turkey and Avocado Sandwich

Prepare cold or hot by grilling which allows the avocado to melt and release it's flavors. If you want to make a melted avocado and turkey sandwich, you can use one slice of bread and grilling as an open faced sandwich.

The other slice of bread will hold your turkey meat with a choice of vegetables to add flavor and texture(although this is optional). Grill both slices and press them together, and you are done! Very easy to do.

Again, you can customize the recipe by swapping out the meat for chicken or other lean meat, and adding veggies of your choice.

Quinoa Salad

quinoa saladHere is a delicious tasting lunch idea that isn't just for vegetarians and vegans. It is filling enough to keep you full throughout the day.

Quinoa is rich in protein and iron and is a grain that can be used instead of rice, for example. It is extremely versatile.

A simple recipe is steaming some vegetables and adding to a bed of lettuce with cooked quinoa on top. A great way of keeping fat burning to a maximum is adding some more protein, like chicken, into the mix.

Quinoa is so versatile because it doesn't have a strong flavor, only a mild nutty flavor, and soaks up seasoning and herbs well.

You can cook it for dinner the night before and have it cold for lunch the next day.

Taking Fat Burners

There is a stereotype of mega muscle men taking fat burners to get ripped and win body building competitions. While this may be true, the ordinary person can leverage good quality fat burners to help weight loss whilst getting an energy boost and hunger pang reduction that makes sticking to a diet easier.

My recommended fat burner is a high quality, safe one called PhenQ. It is well established as a great fat burner that also fights hunger and gives you an energy boost that makes exercising easier.

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