Stop chocolate cravings this easter

With summer around the corner, many dieters are starting weight loss plans in a bid to get in shape for summer. Unfortunately, Eastchocolate pieceser with its tradition of chocolate Easter eggs can derail our best weight loss efforts.

Thankfully, children are usually the recipients of Easter treats. But for many parents the temptation to nibble their childrens easter eggs can be too much. So how can you curb chocolate cravings and still lose weight this easter?

  1. One way of cutting down calories and still satisfying your sweet tooth is to try a dark chocolate egg. Dark chocolate contains less calories than milk chocolate.
  2. If you have the will power, allow yourself a few pieces of chocolate and then put it out of sight. Or even better, give the rest away to a friend.  This way you remove temptation altogether.
  3. For some the temptation of chocolate treats is just too much to resist. If you need a helping hand to curb chocolate cravings this easter why not try a type of diet pill known as an appetite suppressant.

Hoodia is famous in the weight loss community for its ability to curb hunger pangs and cravings. Used by South African tribes to stave off hunger on long hunting trips, its perfect for those who are trying to keep away from sugary treats at Easter.

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And if you just can't resist chocolate a fat binder like Proactol can block nearly a third of fat from the foods that you eat. If you are going to indulge this Easter, make it as guilt free as possible.

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