Proactol Tester Job

Boasting “365 days holiday, except for the weekly catch up” and  a very attractive 23k+ salary, weight loss giants Proactol are offering the opportunity of a life time to be  a diet pill tester.

British newspapers The sun,The Daily Mirror and The Daily Telegraph featured the story with headlines such as “The perfect job for a couch potato”.

The successful candidate only needs to be willing to take the fat binder Proactol and eat 400 calories a day MORE than their average diet,  suggestions of where to get those extra calories from include pizza, takeouts and ice cream.

Proactol researchers are keen to examine the health benefits of Proactol through this study.

What is Proactol?

Proactol is an established brand in the weight loss market. The Proactol diet pill acts as a fat binder, allowing up to 28% of fat to be blocked from dietary fat intake. It has been hailed as the Alli alternative due to its lack of side effects.

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Will this study work?

We have seen people losing weight in clinical trials like this before, but those people weren't told to eat MORE than they normally do.  Proactol must have great confidence in their product to undertake such a study. And why shouldn't they be?

With a long track record of success,  being voted slimming pill of the year 2008 and 2009 by Telegraph readers, and numerous testimonials from successful dieters I'm sure this trial will be a roaring success.

Don't despair if you aren't the chosen applicant,  start your own trial today.

*UPDATE* The study has now closed to new applications, but you can always do your own trial!

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