Proactol Dosage Instructions

You can use Proactol without giving much thought to dosage and still lose weight, but to get the maximum weight loss effect it is important to consider what your weight loss goals are. By knowing what you want to achieve you can discover exactly what dose of Proactol you should use to see maximum weight loss benefits.

Whatever the reason you are wanting to take Proactol, the best advice is to take Proactol after meals with a drink to allow it to get to work blocking fat immediately, and do not take more than 9 in a day.

I want to lose weight

You want to ensure that you are blocking the maximum amount of fat possible from your meals. Taking 2-3 Proactol tablets after eating with a glass of water will allow the ingredients in Proactol to mix with your food and bind to the fat.

If you know you are going to eat a naughty very high fat meal like a takeout,  you can take up to 3-4 Proactol pills to negate the effect of all that extra fat.

I want to maintain my weight

So you have lost the weight and want to stay at your perfect weight? Because Proactol is safe for longer term use many people stay on it after suceeding at reaching their weight loss goals.

If you want to use Proactol for weight maintenance 1-2 after each meal is enough to keep your weight level.

I want to prevent weight gain

One of the dangers of losing a lot of weight is putting the weight back on once you stop your diet or exercise plan. Taking 2 Proactol after every meal can help you avoid this danger of piling the pounds back on.

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