Practical Tips For Avoiding Emotional Eating Triggers

You don't need me to tell you that eating too much isn't good for you and can cause a variety of health problems. What you might need help with is recognizing what causes you to overeat.

In this article, we are going to look at the triggers and causes that lead you to overeat. We will look at both some practical steps and the theory behind overeating.

There are three main triggers for overeating, let's look at each one in turn:

Trigger Foods

piece of cakeWe all have those irresistible foods that we crave, and for some, the craving is worse than for others. Whether it be fries or cakes, we all have a weakness.

But why do we find it hard to say “no” to these foods? Sometimes we get into bad habits at an early age that follows us through to adulthood. Being rewarded by sweet snacks for good behavior for example.

Now, I'm not blaming your parents for causing your emotional overeating. I'm blaming the massive marketing companies who spend billions on connecting your emotions to certain foods. They have a power that is hard to resist.

A practical tip you can use is to keep a journal of what you eat. This will make you more aware of when you give in to cravings and unhealthy foods. The idea is that awareness brings decisiveness, and you can choose to work on reducing those times when you give in to cravings.

Trigger emotions

As well as writing down what you eat and when a powerful way to help overcome overeating through emotions is to write the emotions you felt while eating down in your journal.

You may be thinking that negative emotions such as sadness and worry will be dominant in your journal, but positive emotions like joy can lead to you reaching for “treat” rewards as well.

Some people use food as a type of escape, as they eat mindlessly and gain pleasure from food. They use food as a tool to mentally avoid issues in their lives. Does this sound like you?

Scientific studies were carried out that discovered that food can have a similar effect on your brain as drug addiction. This is a serious problem, but always remember that it can be overcome.

Trigger environments

The final thing we have to consider is the environment in which you live and work.

Things to consider are people that you share your time with, the place in which you live, and the events that are happening in your surroundings.

The effects are individual, for example, whilst some people get stressed out in busy places, other people need to be with other people to avoid stress.

Stress often leads to overeating. And while most people overeat in secret while alone, you might find you are overeating when in public places.

This brings us back to that all-important journal that you will be keeping now. You will find you are able to identify triggers easily and work practically on either avoiding or dealing with them.

Extra help

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