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Obesity has changed into an epidemic across the United States and other countries. To remedy this, there exist various weight loss systems aiming to help people affected by being overweight. Some are good and some are really bad for you. But getting on the right diet and exercise plan is important especially if you want to lose weight and you are in the military.

Within the military service, being overweight is an enormous no-no! So you should be ready to be questioned on your eating and exercise habits if you are applying to join and you are overweight.

Even a little extra fat is not tolerated, that's the reason troopers should be very cautious with their weight. A fit army is a combat-ready army. A program called army weight management was formulated to help maintain troop's weights.

Also, there is a diet called “The Military Diet” that you could look into if you find yourself in this position, although this diet plan isn't necessarily meant for those who are joining the military.

What is the main objective of the army weight management program?

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The first objective of this program is to make sure that all army personnel and troopers control their weight.

This is extremely important as they are required to be fit particularly when on duty in fight conditions. You can't expect to maintain such a physical job if you are lugging around too many extra pounds, which is the cold, hard truth.

The second goal is to maintain appearance. This system tries to make sure that every troop maintains a healthy-looking appearance. This is because the public is supposed to look to military personnel as role models.

How do military personnel qualify for this system?

Basically, there are two easy techniques to determine if a soldier is a candidate. All soldiers are measured in terms of their weight using a standard screening table weight. If a soldier's body fat exceeds the standard range, they are going to be given an advice letter stating the requirement to undergo the military weight program to correct the problem.

Why is this program used?

There is an explanation for why the service must be strict in implementing this program. Evidently, soldiers or any others who're in the army service are supposedly the picture of peak physical condition and must be fight ready at all times.

What is involved?

Regular body fat screening and training are used to help troops get their weight into the normal range.

Sadly, being put into this program is a source of embarrassment for a lot of people and they would prefer to lose weight without such a strict and heavily monitored program.

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It can help you lose weight quickly and easily so you can get back into fighting fit condition asap.

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