How to Make Your Belly Flat with Exercise and Diet

You may be wondering how to make your belly flat. We would all like a flat stomach because it just looks better. Everyone wants a flat stomach. The answer to getting a flatter tummy lies in doing the right exercise and following some basic diet tips.

There is lots of misinformation out there when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. I will give you some easy to follow tips that will see you having a toned, flatter stomach in just a few weeks to months.

Do Weight Training

If you are on a diet and exercise plan already, but don't include weight training in your regime, you are making a big mistake. This is because the weight you are losing won't just be fat, you'll lose muscle as well.

You want to change your shape so you have a toned and defined tummy. This won't happen if you just do cardio alone. Also, muscle loss is a major factor for regaining the weight you lose on a diet.

weights for a flat bellyTraining with weights has multiple benefits:

  • You burn off calories both during the workout and afterwards.
  • You will build muscle which will help you to fill out any loose skin.
  • You can take advantage of the metabolism boosting properties of muscle.

Women often worry about weight training because they think they are going to turn into a big muscle man. This isn't true, you can breathe a sigh of relief! You lack the hormones and capacity needed to build huge muscles (unless you make the effort to).

The weight training I'm talking about will make your stomach toned and flat. Aim to workout with low weights 2-3 times a week for half an hour per session.

Do High Intensity Cardio

make your belly flatWe've all been there, slogging away on the treadmill or exercise machine and not getting anywhere with weight loss. Low intensity cardio is a thing of the past now. High intensity cardio is the new thing, and for good reason. It turns your body into a fat burning machine.

Add some high intensity interval training to your workout plan at least 2 times a week and you will burn off stubborn belly fat that won't make your belly flat.

You can also drastically cut down your workout time from an hour to just 15 minutes. That includes a warmup and cool down. What you need to do is try your hardest during each interval.

For example:

  • Sprint for 100 yards as fast as you can go, then walk for 50 to recover.

You don't even need to do this in a gym if you don't want to, but having a treadmill to workout on allows you to change up the resistance of the machine so your sprint is tougher.

Do this twice a week to make your belly flat with exercise.

Eat Fat

You might have been brought up to think that fat is your enemy when it comes to losing weight and getting a flatter belly. Unfortunately the low fat craze has meant products are coming out that are high in sugar and calories, but because they are low in fat we think they are healthy.

Fat is an essential part of your diet. You can even get health problems from not eating enough. In fact, your body works better at burning off fat when it gets enough dietary fat. That doesn't sound very intuitive but it is true.

The easiest way to do this is to include a quality Omega 3 supplement in your diet, or take an oil like flaxseed.

Make Your Belly Flat With a Supplement

You can support your exercise and diet efforts by taking a supplement called PhenQ.

This is primarily a fat burner which means it causes your body to burn off fat even when you are resting because it boosts your metabolism, a bit like muscle. It also makes you feel less hungry which makes sticking to a diet easier.

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