Konjac Shirataki Noodles Review

Shirataki or Konjac noodles are zero carb, zero-calorie noodles made from flour from the Konjac plant. They sound like a dieter's dream, you can replace your ordinary pasta or noodles with Shirataki noodles in recipes and save loads of calories. They are also great for low carb dieters who want to keep carbohydrates down.

How Do They Work For Weight Loss?

As well as being calorie-free to start with, these noodles also have weight loss benefits because they are made from the Konjac root. This root has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol in clinical studies and is also used as an appetite suppressant because your body cannot break down konjac and so it passes through the digestive system as a thick insoluble substance which makes you feel full.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Buying these noodles is easy, they are readily available online for quite cheap. The cost is a little bit more expensive than an ordinary pack of noodles. Being a Japanese product you can find them on specialist Japanese food websites.

Some Japanese supermarket type offline stores also stock these noodles in multipacks and larger quantities.

Sounds great so far, but what do they actually taste like, and are they nice to eat?

What Are They Like To Eat?

The problem with Konjac noodles is that people tend to complain about their consistency. They are described as “chewy, almost crunchy” on one amazon review. This doesn't sound like they are similar to ordinary noodles to eat.

The taste is often complained about too, some say they are tasteless and are good for soaking up the flavor of sauces. Others say they taste disgusting!

In the interest of research, I even tried them myself and have to say they were not for me, they were very chewy and hard to swallow, and had a cardboard taste. The smell of them cooking was an overpowering fishy smell, although they did not taste of fish at all. As a vegetarian, I found the smell unpleasant.

Unfortunately, these noodles aren't side effect free. Instead, they have reportedly caused:

  • mild digestive issues
  • loose stools
  • bloatingĀ 
  • flatulence

Konjac Supplements

I was wondering if you could get the benefits of Konjac without eating the noodles, as the taste and smell isn't for everyone. Also, people tend to tolerate konjac in pill form better than in noodle form. So no nasty side effects.

I came across a supplement called Nuratrim that contains glucomannan (another name for the konjac root). As it contains konjac root you get the same benefit of appetite suppression and cholesterol reduction as you would by eating the noodles, but in an easy to swallow tablet form.

These pills are ideal if you struggle to stick to a diet because you always feel hungry or find it difficult to avoid snacking.

I prepared a full review of Nuratrim so that you can find out if this diet pill is the right one for you.

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