How to use Journals and Diaries to Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Jim Rohn was a famous motivational speaker who once said two things that really resonated with me.

“Failure is a few errors in judgment repeated everyday”.


“Make measurable progress in reasonable time”.

That's what we are going to cover in this article: Progress.

You have to make measurable progress and avoid those judgment errors in order to get the body you want. That doesn't mean you are going to wake up in the morning after 1 day of healthy eating and look as slim as a movie star (I wish!). If you are 30,50,100 pounds overweight, it isn't going to slide off over a few weeks of effort. weight loss scales

There are people who have seen and heard wondrous testimonials for scammy weight loss products (most of which are unrealistic) and expect miracles to happen. They weigh themselves every day. They look at the mirror a hundred times a day, turning from side to side trying to get a flattering angle to take a selfie, etc.

This leads to feeling dejected that their efforts aren't paying off. Nothing seems to work. They are caught in a cycle filled with crash dieting and unrealistic expectations. It is only a matter of time before they give up yet again. This happens to more people than you would expect, you may even see yourself in the above description.

How to Measure Weight Loss Progress

Enough of the doom and gloom. You CAN lose weight, especially if you commit yourself to the long haul and have realistic expectations. Properly measuring your progress helps too.

There are a few ways by which you can measure your weight loss progress:
1. Take photos – Yes, it's time to bare all, almost, by stripping down to your underwear. Take a photo from the front and from the side because you might notice progress in one angle before the other. Do this once a month.
2. Measure yourself – Use a measuring tape to measure certain parts of your body such as your waist, thighs, arms (around biceps) and belly. Get a blank book that will be your weight loss journal. Record the measurements and date they were taken every 3 weeks.
3. Record your workouts and food diary– You should write down exactly what you ate for the day and what you did during your exercise sessions. You’ll also write down your mood for that day and during your workout.
4. Weigh yourself – Once a week is plenty. You should weigh yourself on the same scales in clothes of a similar weight to avoid unnecessary fluctuations.

weight loss journalThe most important of these steps is step 3. Your journal will become extremely important to you. People who try to go without a journal or diary of some sort find they forget what they have eaten.

I can't emphasis enough how crucial it is for you to track your progress. By following the above tips, you will be able to see your progress in different forms to really hammer home how well you are doing.

Before you know it other people will comment that you have lost weight. Feel nicely smug, you have earned it!

Speeding Up Your Progress

There may come a time where your weight loss slows down or plateaus. You may be finding it harder to resist tempting foods, exercising is too much of an effort and you wish there was some way to fix things so you were back on track.

Enter PhenQ which is no ordinary diet pill. Some people say it helps with their motivation because they have so much more energy to workout and get things done.

It acts as a fat burner and appetite suppressant so it will give your stalling weight loss the kick it needs to get you back on track. Avoiding foods you know you shouldn't reach for is easier because you feel less hungry.

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