How to Lose Thigh Fat Fast Through Diet and Exercise

When you gain weight, it is generally spread out across the body. For some people, however, it tends to accumulate on certain problem areas. These areas tend to be your stomach, upper arms, back, or upper thighs. Ever heard the insulting term “thunder thighs”? It refers to thick pockets of fat on your thighs which sometimes can't be helped.
Many women have trouble with cellulite on their upper thighs when the connective tissue on the legs cannot support the layer of fat that is growing underneath the skin. This causes fat to bulge through causing that dimpled effect. Cellulite is notoriously difficult to get rid of with many creams and gels on the market claiming to cure it. The truth is that these topical preparations can only temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.
The problem of thigh fat does not just affect women though as many men find they accumulate fat on their thighs too. ANd it is not just older people who have this issue, younger people may find fat collecting around ther top of their legs too. It is true that no matter what sex or age you are our top tips on how to lose thigh fat fast will help you to target that annoying fat on the top of your legs.

Thigh Fat Reduction Tips

  1. Make sure you get enough protein in your diet. Our body uses protein to regenerate cells, particularly skin cells. You can help improve the appearance of cellulite and thigh fat by following a high protein diet, but it also helps weight loss if you replace some of the calorie-dense carbs you eat with lean protein.
  2. An excellent cardio exercise that particularly works out the top of your legs is a jump rope. The constant expanding and contracting of leg muscles can really help you to target fat burning to the upper leg region. You will lose weight overall when doing this type of cardio too.
  3. Do squats. And do them correctly. When you lower your body during a squat try and push your bottom as far out to the back as possible. This gives you a greater stretch and can improve the muscle tone of your gluteal muscles. By building up muscle in this area you can increase your fat-burning power.
  4. Get on your bike! Whether you use an outdoor or exercise bike this is a fantastic cardio workout that will really work out your thigh muscles. Try interval training where you pedal quickly for 5 minutes then slowly for a minute, and back to 5 again for maximum fat burning impact.
  5. Walk more often instead of taking the car to places and activities that are fairly close by you could walk to increase your bodies overall fat burning ability.
  6. Try a fat burning diet pill like PhenQ.  PhenQ works by speeding up your metabolism and improving your body's ability to burn fat. By taking a diet pill like PhenQ you can also get a boost of energy before a workout to really gear you up and make the though of exercising become easier.

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