How to Eat Junk Food and Still Lose Weight

You may be skeptical about the title of this article. After all, it goes against everything you have been lectured about losing weight. Can you really lose weight by eating junk?

Theoretically, yes you can.

You can eat all sorts of junk food and fast food and still lose weight. You know the foods I am talking about: take outs, cakes, candy, you name it!

The Junk Food Diet

In order to understand how this could work for you, we will have to go back to the basics of losing weight. Just because they are the basics doesn't mean they will be easy. You will need to bring will power and discipline to the table as it's not a case of eating what you want when you want if you are going to make this work.

junk food burgerMost women need to eat 2000 calories every day just to stay the same weight. For men, this is 2500 calories.

This is a general guide though, as when you get older your metabolism will decrease, and you will need fewer calories to maintain your weight.

It stands to reason that if you eat more than your recommended amount for maintenance, then you will put on weight. The extra calories you eat will be stored as fat by your body.

On the other hand, if you eat less calories than your suggested amount then the weight will drop off.

That's the basics, so how does this mean that you can eat junk food and still lose weight? Simple: nobody says that those 2000 calories have to be lovely healthy foods do they? Ideally they would be, but it is possible to eat junk food as part of your diet.

If you cut 500 calories from the “maintenance” level (so you eat 1500 calories if you are female and 2000 calories if you are male), in theory, you can eat what you want as long as you stick to that number of calories.

Unfortunately, junk foods are typically more calorie-dense than healthier foods. This means you might be left feeling hungry, which we will discuss the solution to later on in this article.

Of course, it helps if you get some exercise, even if it's a short walk every day. Every little bit helps.

Making a diet change

Almost every person who is obese has a poor diet that is rich in processed and junk foods. Therefore it can be difficult to make the change to eating more healthy foods all day every day.

The plan is you are going to cut calories as described above, but ideally, you are going to want to move away from junk food over time.

Make slow progress instead of changing overnight (as this is a recipe for failure).

sodaTake on a weekly change such as cutting out one soda a day if you drink soda. In time you won't want to drink soda at all, or save it for a treat now and again.

Mentally, the “one change each week” method is easier and helps maintain motivation.

After all, it's just one soda.

Keep going, even if you slip up one week because of factors like stress and special occasions. Tomorrow is a new day.

Eating healthier and feeling satisfied

Remember that you don't have to miss out by eating healthier. There are plenty of healthy foods out there that taste amazing.

Over time, your taste buds will adapt to your new healthy eating regime.

Meanwhile, it is perfectly OK to eat junk food as long as you stay under that calorie goal we discussed at the start of this article.

One thing to remember is that junk foods don't have many nutrients in them. Therefore they won't satisfy you, and you will soon feel yourself getting hungry again. That is the reason why you might feel hungry all the time.

As well as making better food choices, it would be a great idea to get some help in the form of an appetite suppressing diet pill such as PhenQ. Most people who have tried this supplement said it gave them more energy, which is ideal if you are trying to introduce exercise into the equation.

PhenQ's main goal is to burn fat in your body, but it is exceptionally good at making you feel less hungry, which makes sticking to a diet much easier.

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