How to Burn Visceral Belly Fat Easily

There are 3 known types of fat in everyone's body and visceral fat is one of them. It is often thought to be the most dangerous kind to have around your belly because of where it is situated within your body and the fact that it is metabolically active.

In other words, the fat cells in visceral fat product chemicals and hormones that affect your bodies processes.

It is also dangerous because it collects around your internal organs including your heart and liver. Visceral belly fat is different from the subcutaneous fat around your stomach in that you can't pinch it or feel it. It is buried deep in your body around your organs.

The downsides of this type of fat may seem obvious: including being easy to put on. All is not lost though as it is also the fastest type of fat to be burned off when you treat it correctly.

Stress and Belly Fat

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for instructing your body to lay down visceral belly fat. Its is released by stress by your adrenal glands, specifically when you are in “fight or flight” situations. You may not realize but we face these situations every day every time we are anxious about doing something or even when we think about doing something anxiety provoking.

More stress equals more cortisol produced. People who are chronically stressed will find that their tendency to put on stomach fat gets higher and higher as time goes on. It is the same people who will become at risk of getting diabetes because their insulin resistance increases.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Don't despair that you are doomed to have tummy fat forever. Follow these simple tips to reduce that dangerous visceral fat and keep it off for good:

visceral belly fat1. Drink lots of water to help reduce your body's response to stress and therefore the release of cortisol.

2. Work on reducing your stress levels all day every day, at home and at work. Try talking to a therapist or go for a short walk when it is all getting too much for you. Hobbies and exercises classes are ideal for stress reduction too.

3. Exercise in a way that you find enjoyable. Many people find team sports are a great way to burn off fat without realizing you are exercising. Experiment with classes and types of exercise until you find something that fits your schedule and that you enjoy.

4. Get as much sleep as possible to lower your cortisol levels. Getting enough sleep also has an effect on your snacking habits during the day as people tend to eat more when they are tired.

5. Vitamin C supplements are thought to help to reduce the perception of stress in the body, and therefore lead to a reduction of the release of cortisol.

6. Reduce caffeine and alcohol, as they are both known to cause cortisol release. Many people think caffeine helps weight loss, and this is true to an extent. But for getting rid of that deep belly fat it is best avoided or reduced.

7. Take a fat burning supplement like PhenQ

PhenQ will be your secret weapon when it comes to burning off all types of fat, because it's ingredients are laser focused at helping your bodies own fat burning processes.

It is an established product from a renowned manufacturer and has helped many thousands of people to lose significant amounts of weight.

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