Hormone Effects On Weight Loss

Hormones play an important role in the human body. They can be called chemical messengers as they send messages to the cells and the cells work according to the messages. The cells never disobey the messages that they get from hormones via the bloodstream.

There are many types of hormone and the function of the hormones are also different. In the human body there are some hormones which help to decrease the weight. Others can act to increase weight.

The hormones that can help to regulate your weight are discussed below:


Leptin is a hormone that your fat cells produce when you are sleeping. One of leptin's main roles is to tell your brain to reduce your appetite when you've had enough to eat. It is also an energy regulator. That means it helps burn off extra calories to keep your weight stable.

However, some people are leptin resistant, meaning the hormone doesn't work as expected. Add to that the fact that some fructose-containing foods don't cause leptin to be produced, and your body won't realise that it has taken in a lot of calories and it's time to stop eating.


When the stomach is empty, it stimulates the release of ghrelin, which makes you want to eat. Ghrelin can also slow down the metabolism and reduce your ability to burn fat. The good news is overweight people tend to have less ghrelin than normal weight individuals.

The stomach secretes ghrelin every half-hour, and when someone is hungry that speeds up to every 20 minutes. Resisting the urge to eat is impossible, which is why starvation dieting is doomed to failure.


Fat helps to make someone resistant to cold temperatures. So to protect fat, the insulin hormone is a must. Insulin helps to regulate the blood sugar, but it also directs fat “traffic” in the body. It inhibits the breakdown of fat and promotes the creation of fatty acids in the liver.

In fact, insulin is a fat-sparing hormone. That means it tries to protect fat from being used as a source of energy. A lack of insulin hormones causes high sugar levels in the blood and causes diabetes.


Cortisol is a steroid hormone that mainly works as part of the stress-response system. Cortisol  overstimulates the adrenal gland, which then releases too much testosterone and estrogen. Not only does this set you up for overeating, but it also promotes belly fat.

Even worse, cortisol decreases your insulin sensitivity, so chronic stress can be a precursor to diabetes.


Thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism. Specifically, they affect the basal or resting metabolic rate. This refers to the calories that the body spends to keep us alive with activities such as breathing and pumping blood. This part of  metabolism accounts for 60 to 75 percent of all the calorie burning you do.

The American Thyroid Association states that people who have low levels of thyroid hormone tend to have sluggish metabolisms. Hypothyroidism, however, is only associated with a modest weight gain of approximately 5 to 10 pounds, states the association. That weight is an accumulation of extra salt and water, not fat.


Another important hormone in both males and females, testosterone maintains muscle tone/volume/strength, increases basal metabolic rate (metabolism) and decreases body fat. It is produced by the ovaries in females and by the testes in males.

 To keep your metabolism ticking over you should ensure that there are no problems with your hormones by visiting a doctor. There are things you can do to boost hormone levels such as the thyroid glands hormones. This is achieved by taking supplements that are high in iodine such as the Slim Diet Patch.

The Slim Diet Patch is a slimming patch you put on once a day, and it releases bladderwrack, a natural ingredient that is high in iodine, into the bloodstream throughout the day. This helps to boost the metabolism so you can burn off more fat.

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  • It is the best value I’ve seen and the shipping was very quick! We are both making an attempt to eat healthier, shed extra pounds, and exercise — this was a part of it! Thanks!

  • I bought the patch you suggested about two weeks ago and when i started out using it I was 214 and now I’m 207 🙂 thanks!

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