Hoodia CITES Certificates

Have you ever spent some time to find the CITES certificates on Hoodia Gordonii products? If you did you will have found that most these products are between six months to a year old.

Now before you start worrying and wondering whether this length will make them not as powerful – allow us to clarify.

You will notice that before Hoodia Gordonii is exported from South Africa, manufacturers have to get a CITES certificate. Once they've got a certificate, they have got about six months to send it abroad.

Therefore as you will see the date of creation on the CITES certificate is by now 6 months old. Then there's the further stage of reaching the distributors.By the point the Hoodia has reached them and has been made into the supplement you will see that it might be a year later.

Do you recognize what we are describing? If the certificate is about a year old, then your Hoodia Gordonii supplement is ok to use.

Getting the Freshest Hoodia

But imagine if you could offer your body the freshest Hoodia Gordonii? A product that was gathered merely one month previously – would you have an interest in offering your body a fresher option?

Well there are such products

UniqueHoodia can offer their customers an exact date of creation due to their direct relationship with their exporter.

Because of the vast amounts of Hoodia Gordonii they purchase, UniqueHoodia have been in a position to cut out the middle man, ensuring that their Hoodia supplement has not been tampered or changed, and gets to them earlier.

What the Certificates Prove

Currently we all recognize that any business can claim to give newer Hoodia Gordonii, but UniqueHoodia can actually verify this claim through their certificates and testing.

Checked by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and CNL, on their website you'll also come across:

  • Organics Annex Certificate – This shows that there were no ‘middle men’ involved who could have tampered with the Hoodia while it was being shipped out to UniqueHoodia.
  • Certificate of Analysis – This is given to the Hoodia Gordonii provider before it enters the country, proving that it's 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. This certificate demonstrates that it was additionally tested under HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

Therefore Unique Hoodia give your body new, unchanged Hoodia Gordonii and lets you experience the benefits of:

• 100% pure, unaltered Hoodia Gordonii
• Cut your calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories each day
• 10,000 times more effective at cutting down your desire for food than glucose

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