Gastric Bypass Success Statistics

A gastric bypass is seen as a “last resort” for many seriously overweight people. It's important to understand that a bypass is not a quick fix to weight loss, but it can speed up the weight loss process compared to just diet and exercise. It is used in situations where a person's weight is putting them at risk and the weight needs to come off fast to remove that risk.

Results vary for everyone who gets this type of surgery, but there are some general statistics for success rates which we will look at after first looking at what a gastric bypass is.

How Does A Gastric Bypass Work?

This procedure involves shutting off a part of your stomach so as to reduce the amount of food you can eat in one sitting. Being able to eat less means fewer calories are taken in every day, and therefore weight can be lost at a quick rate. It is important for the person getting the bypass to change their eating habits. For instance, there is no point in filling up your stomachs smaller size with high fat foods like ice cream.

Success Rates

We first have to decide what constitutes a success.  You could look at success as defined by the amount of weight lost or whether you maintained that weight loss. Another medical definition of success is obtaining and keeping a BMI in the normal range for five years after the bypass has occurred.

Defining your idea of success is important when deciding whether or not to have this procedure. You need to make sure your idea of success is realistic.


The highest success rate is seen in people who are morbidly obese (have a BMI of between 30% and 49%). For people with a BMI over 50% they will achieve a significantly lower success rate of 57%. This could be because the “Super Obese” category didn't reach a normal BMI, they could still have lost a large amount of weight.

Most of the people who get a gastric bypass who make diet and lifestyle changes, see a reduction in obesity related problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Should You Get A Gastric Bypass?

This is a decision you need to make based on a number of factors, including the success rates,cost and risks of this procedure. It doesn't always work and is considered a last resort because of the real risks of infection and even death.

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