Foods That Make You Hungry

There are certain foods that will make you hungry, so it is important to try and cut down on these foods or even avoid them completely if you are trying to lose weight.

Hunger is one of the hardest things to overcome if you are on a diet, so don't make life more difficult for yourself by eating foods that will increase cravings!

Here are some foods to avoid:

White Rice

The first food to avoid is white rice, because it actually can make you feel hungry after eating. This is because the refined carbohydrates it contains cause a blood sugar surge followed by a crash.

When blood sugar levels crash the brain interprets this as hunger and so sends hunger signals.

Sugary Cereal

You might think that the cereal you are eating is healthy, but many breakfast cereals have hidden sugar that can have the same effect on your blood sugar levels as white rice.

Always be sure to check the pack for sugar content, and try bran cereals to get fibre necessary for weight loss and to keep you feeling full.


This may seem like an obvious food to avoid when you are on a diet, but it is important to stress that eating candy will not fill you up and could cause hunger pangs due to the high sugar content.

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