Fat Binder Side Effects

Despite the many millions of diet pills on the market, they all seem to fall into one of a few categories. Fat binders is just one of those categories, and there are many different types of fat blockers available to buy from XLS medical to Proactol.

Obviously the one major side effect you want to see from taking such a pill is weight loss, and fat binders are very good at speeding up weight loss. Some like Alli say that you can lose an extra pound for every two pounds you lose through your own efforts. Others offer a steady weight loss rate of 2-3lbs a week.

What about negative side effects? This is where controversy has sprung up because Alli (containing the key ingredient Orlistat) was said to cause bloating,gas,uncontrollable diarrhea and anal leakage! This caused Alli to be taken off the market for a while while the formula was tested. You may think this is a one off but there have been similar complaints about other fat binders.

Does that mean you shouldn't take a fat blocker? No, it just means you need to find one that is safe, effective and doesn't give bad side effects. We recently reviewed Proactol Fat Binder pills and found them to have no reported unpleasant side effects.

They work by blocking up to 27% of fat from being absorbed from the food you eat, thus reducing the number of calories you get from food. This all natural pill has an extract of the prickly pear cactus that has been found to be a natural fat binder that doesn't give nasty side effects.

Side effects of Proactol fat binder include a possible reductions in cholesterol,regulation of blood sugar and lowered blood pressure due to the resulting weight loss.

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