What to Eat on the Paleo Diet to Lose Weight Fast

A typical Paleo diet plan is quite strict in what it allows you to eat. But what about what you shouldn't eat? In this article you will learn what to eat and what not to eat when you are on the Paleo diet to lose weight fast.

Most people believe that by going on the Paleo diet they will automatically lose weight. This is true to a certain extent. After all, the Paleo diet normally involves ditching processed foods which in itself can cause some weight to drop off naturally.

Unfortunately, your body adjusts to what you eat and the initial weight loss will soon taper off. If this happens to you, the first thing you should do is to adjust your exercise so you are doing more.

Studies show that the people who have most success on the Paleo diet are those who exercise the most, which is common sense.

What to Eat on the Paleo Diet to Lose Weight

The next thing to consider when it comes to Paleo weight loss is what you are eating. You don't have to calorie count on this diet but meals should be mainly a good mix of veg and protein with plenty of water throughout the day.

You will want to eat foods that are filled with energy boosting nutrients. This will give you the full experience of well-being that eating Paleo style can give you. Tailoring the Paleo diet to make you feel full for longer is an option for maximizing weight loss too.

Google is your friend when it comes to choosing Paleo foods for specific needs. Try searching for “Paleo for energy” as an example. One site lists:

  • Squash
  • Tapioca
  • Sweet Potatoes

As great options for Paleo friendly carbs that also give you energy. Other sources of Paleo diet information include books and magazines.

paleo for weight lossWhen it comes to meal planning you are going to want to balance the levels of protein,veg and healthy fats to make a perfect Paleo meal. Eating properly will keep you feeling full for 3-4 hrs.

You will also be able to avoid the insulin and blood sugar spikes that happen from non-Paleo carb based meals.

This Paleo tip for weight loss allows you to feel less hungry between meals and therefore snacking is reduced and you will see more fat loss.

What Not to Eat on the Paleo Diet to Lose Weight Fast

The number one thing to avoid when you are on the Paleo diet to lose weight is sugar. This means avoiding sweets or only having one or two Paleo friendly sweet treats every 7 days.

You should also try to avoid calorific foods whether they are Paleo or not. This Paleo tweak for weight loss involves cutting out dried fruit and most nuts. As you aren't counting calories it can be easy to eat too much of these foods without realizing it.

There are certain foods like grains and dairy that can't be eaten on a typical Paleo diet. It could be argued that dairy is good for weight loss, but to follow the ways of Paleolithic people it has to be cut out of your diet.

Best Paleo Diet Pills

proactol xs bottleYes there is such a thing as a Paleo diet pill. They tend to avoid unnatural chemical ingredients and most prescription diet pills wouldn't count as truly Paleo friendly. I set out to find the best Paleo diet pills and came across Proactol XS.

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It is also gluten, milk protein and lactose free so should be suitable for most people following a Paleo diet.

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