Drop A Dress Size Guide

There are loads of ways in which you can speed up your weight loss and drop a dress size. I have gathered together the best ways to lose weight fast so you can go down a dress size and keep the weight off. All it takes is some small changes every day and to keep up those changes as time goes on. They may seem simple but the effects of these top tips do add up quickly.

The top 7 drop a dress size tips are as follows:

  1. Drink more water – Make sure you get 6-8 glasses of pure water a day in order to flush toxins out. If you can't face pure water, add a low-calorie mix to make it taste better. Your body needs to be well hydrated in order to efficiently lose weight.
  2. Eat breakfast – You need to eat your breakfast because it gets your metabolism going and studies show people who eat breakfast eat less during the day. A smoothie will do if you are in a rush.
  3. Eat vegetables – Because they are so low in calories, replace snacks and sides with veggies to stay full while still getting the satisfaction of eating something. A great way to do this is to swap one meal with a healthy salad, but avoid high fat dressings or you will undo your good work.
  4. Eat healthy snacks – Eat a healthy snack every couple of hours to get you feeling full enough that you don't gorge at mealtimes. High protein snacks are best as they are good at making you feel full. Ideas are cheese, peanut butter crackers, or some almonds.
  5. Watch what you drink – High-calorie drinks can really put a stop to your weight loss efforts. So try to cut down on full-fat soda and alcohol.
  6. Cardio exercise – The best way to drop fat quickly is to burn it off through cardiovascular exercise. Try to get 30 mins a day of anything from walking to fitness classes.
  7. Eat plenty of protein – Protein fills you up to make you feel full and less likely to eat unhealthy snacks. Add lean meat and low-fat cheese to your meals for added appetite suppression.

All of these tips may sound quite common sense, but if you follow them consistently you will find that the weight drops off quickly and you can easily drop a dress size or more.

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My background is in science, so I set out to find supplements that have scientific evidence behind them and which I can confidently recommend.

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