Drink beer and lose weight?

Beer lovers across the world will be overjoyed to hear that it is possible tobeer drinkers diet review lose weight and still drink beer.¬† That doesn't sound logical considering this favourite tipple has given rise to the term “beer belly” thanks to that pot belly it is known to give us.¬† We decided to investigate the Beer drinkers diet by Bradley Cailor and find out if you can really lose weight and still drink beer.

The author of the beer drinkers diet was himself obese. In fact his weight tipped the scales at 266 pounds. Like many of us he tried all sorts of fad diets in an effort to drop the pounds quickly, but he found it difficult to give up the foods he loved and his favourite drink, beer!

The beer drinker's diet actually encourages you to eat your favourite foods and drink your favourite tipple, but the idea is to cut down on portion size and eat more frequently, around 6 meals a day are recommended.

Sound too good to be true? Bradley actually lost 100 pounds using this diet plan.

The diet is realistic, you can't eat unlimited portions of the foods you love and still expect to lose weight. He followed the principle¬† of earting 80% “good” foods and 20% “bad”, including beer. But you can still eat your favourite foods moderately, so there is no need to go without.

As long as this diet is approached in moderation we think it could be a great diet plan for people who don't want to give up their favourite foods, or drink entirely.

Author: Aileen

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