Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

It is true to say that men and women are simply built differently. Hormones are in control of the ratios of fat to muscle in our bodies. In men, the hormone mainly in control is testosterone which sets out what size bones are as well as how big muscles are.

Because more muscle burns more calories, testosterone is indirectly linked to how many calories a man can burn, their metabolism. Women are more led by female hormones like oestrogen, and it is this key difference that means that men and women do lose weight at different rates.

Why Do Women Have It Worse Than Men?

You may have been training next to a member of the opposite sex and noticed they are getting different results from you. According to studies, women do put on weight faster than men and have a more difficult time burning it off through exercise.

This unfortunately means that women have to work harder than men to lose weight. It's not easy for men to do, but it's even harder for women.

The fact that magazines are so obsessed by slim bodies equating beauty, means that life is even harder on women who want to lose weight. If you continually crash diet like the celebs do, then your body will try to hold on to the fat stores it has as it goes into hunger mode for survival.

This means weight loss actually becomes harder as time goes on, prompting even more desperate attempts at weight loss such as outright starvation and dangerous diet pills. With these methods you may become thinner, but you certainly won't be healthier.

What Should I Do To Lose Weight?

It all comes back to the right choice of diet and exercise. In a study published by the BBC that found that women who worked out 4 hours a week and cooked healthier meals felt better about themselves.

They may have only lost 9 pounds in three months but they were much healthier on the inside and felt better about their appearance.

Along with diet and exercise you may want to consider a safe and natural diet pill like Nuratrim. It speeds up the metabolism so you burn off more calories, helps to control hunger pangs to stop you overeating, and can even help lower cholesterol.

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