Diet Help: How to Get Weight Loss Support

If you decide you are going to lose weight, before you start dieting it is important to get some support in place so you are not going it alone. That may be someone who will hold you accountable so you are less likely to slip up.

Bonus point for finding someone who is on the same diet or weight loss plan as you, as you can share recipes and workout together.

Even if you have just one person to help you out then you can consider them your “diet buddy” who will fight your corner, help keep you on track and you can do the same for them.

Why Have A Diet Buddy?

A diet buddy could be critical to your success. Yes, you could go it alone but a problem shared is a problem halved, and losing weight brings on a major lifestyle change. Having someone else to talk to about your weight loss woes could make all the difference between failing and succeeding.

diet buddyWhen you have a good diet buddy, you will get several benefits:

  • You can share small successes along the way.
  • You can share problems and find out ways to overcome them.
  • You can share recipes relevant to your diet plan.
  • You’ll have accountability to help stop failures.
  • You can motivate one another when times are tough.
  • Studies show people who lose weight with another person are more likely to succeed than going it alone.

How To Choose The Perfect Diet Buddy

Not just anybody will do when it comes to finding someone to cheer you on and provide support. The ideal diet partner will have a positive mindset and is committed to losing weight, just like you are.

Someone who isn't committed or focused on the task at hand will only distract you. This means you will expend your energy on trying to get them to focus when you really should be concerned with your own goals. Have a good long talk with anyone you're considering as a diet buddy before agreeing to work together.

The ideal diet buddy has a similar schedule to you so you can meet and workout at the same times. It's no good to have a weight loss pal who is always busy when you need them for help and support, although sometimes that will have to do.

They will be on the same weight loss program as you so you can share problems with following the plan and they will be able to relate to those issues.

Where Can I Find a Diet Buddy?

You might be one of the lucky people who have a friend ready to step up to the role. Not all of us have someone in our circles of friendship who is trying to lose weight. In those cases, it pays to look a bit further from home.

The internet is a goldmine of information and is used by millions of people who are trying to lose weight right now. You would do well to join a weight loss forum to find like-minded people who can act as a source of support, even if there's no formal agreement in place.

Every little bit of support helps you to stay motivated.

Getting Extra Help

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