Caffeine Pills for Weight Loss

caffeine pillsTaking caffeine pills to lose weight has been popular for a long time. Pills are usually sold in packets of 32 and the suggested dosage starts from two a day. Of course, the main source of caffeine is through drinks like tea and coffee but if you are taking caffeine for losing weight it is easier to take a few pills rather than drinks cups and cups of coffee.

Why take caffeine pills?

Caffeine is a stimulant which means it acts on the central nervous system to speed up things like heart rate and metabolism which leads to a small increase in fat burning ability. That is why these pills are taken by dieters in an effort to boost their weight loss.

The other benefit of caffeine is that it takes away drowsiness and gives you an energy boost which is ideal if you need help with motivation to exercise.

Diet pills that contain caffeine

Most people who want to use caffeine as a weight loss aid choose a diet pill that contains other fat burning ingredients as well as caffeine. This is because caffeine can boost the effects of some weight loss ingredients.

The ECA stack is popular with body builders and is said to be a powerful fat burning combination of ephedrine,caffeine and aspirin. The problem with this mixture is that it contains the banned substance ephedrine which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Recently, a whole host of ephedrine free ECA stack alternatives have came onto the market including the T5 range from Forza. These legal ECA stacks contain bitter orange peel as an ephedrine alternative and are said to be just as effective at speeding up the metabolism and burning fat.

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Caffeine is so popular as a weight loss aid that nothing short of a ban is likely to decrease its popularity, and a ban seems unlikely. There is no harm in taking caffeine and diet pills containing caffeine as long as you don't overdo it and follow the advice on the bottle.

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