Buying Prescription Weight Loss Pills Online

When you are trying to lose weight, and you are researching weight loss pills online, hundreds if not thousands of prescription weight loss pills will pop up in the search results.

So how’s a person supposed to know if these prescription weight loss pills are safe or not? This article will help you to understand why it may not be in your best interest to buy prescription weight loss pills of any kind, online.

dangerous diet pillsPhentermine

Phentermine is an ingredient that is found in many, many prescription weight loss pills. Adipex-P, and Suprenza are two examples of this prescription diet pill.

This medicine is intended to decrease your appetite. That's great news for dieters who struggle with hunger pangs but beware, it gets rid of a lot of water in your body – too much water.

Common side effects of Phentermine include, but are not limited to, increased blood pressure and heart rate, headache, dry mouth, nervousness, insomnia, and constipation. These side effects happen because the medicine takes a lot of the water out of your body, making it seem as though you are losing a lot of weight.

The truth is, you are not really losing much fat. The only thing that you are losing is water weight.

Your body needs water to survive. The more water that you take out of your body, the less capable your organs are going to function. The longer you take this medicine – or any medicine that contains Phentermine, the more you are putting yourself at risk.

You can get extremely ill, and could end up hospitalized.


Another common prescription weight loss pill that you can purchase online is Xenical (Orlistat). This medicine blocks the absorption of fat in your body. While that might seem like a good thing, it actually is not.

Your body needs a certain amount of fat in it. If you take a medicine that blocks all the absorption of fat, you will put yourself at serious risk health wise.

This medicine not only blocks the absorption of fat, but your body will lose the ability of absorbing nutrition – and soluble vitamins. It can also cause severe intestinal cramping, severe gas, diarrhea, incontinence, and fecal urgency.

Buying Prescription Diet Pills Online

When you want to lose weight, you really should talk to your doctor about prescription pills that you can take safely. Never, ever buy pharmaceutical pills online.

A lot of them actually come from overseas, where they have no federal regulations for their medicines or supplements, and can actually cause a great deal of harm to your body. Some of them have even been known to cause death.

The Best Diet Pills to Buy Online

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