Best Exercises For Burning Tummy Fat

If you want to get a thinner tummy and slim those love handles, you need to pick the right exercises to target your stomach area. If you really work on your core muscles you can see amazing fat burning results and make a real difference to your tummy.

Too many people waste time on exercises that don't work, so in this article, I will describe tummy toning exercises that really work instead of focusing on ineffective moves that just don't make a real difference for burning excess tummy fat.

  • The Plank

The plank is a great starting point as it not only works the abs but the muscles all along the back and well so it really helps to strengthen your core making other exercises easier. Lift your body up onto your toes while resting on your forearms, which should be placed hands facing forward underneath your body.

You should aim to keep a flat shape along your back like a plank of wood. Stay in this position for 30 seconds then rest and repeat until fatigued. You may find this more difficult than you realize.

  • Crunches using an exercise ball

Our second exercise is doing crunches while sitting on an exercise ball. These exercises reach deep into your ab muscles for a good workout.

The reason why it is better to carry out crunches on an exercise ball is that it forces your body to work harder to maintain balance, making the exercise even more effective. Repeat the crunch 12 times before resting and do as many sets as you can.

  • Lying Leg Raises

Next, we have leg raises to add to the mix. These work the lower abs which are often hard to tone using other exercises. Lie on the floor and raise your legs together to a 90-degree angle.

Stay there for a second and then lower your legs until they almost touch the floor. Never let your legs touch the floor once started so that you keep your lower ab muscles working.

  • The Bicycle

The bicycle is an old favourite exercise that is actually great for firming core muscles. Hold one knee at your chest while extending the other.

Then slowly bring the extended leg up and bend it into your chest whilst extending the previously bent leg. Do this ten times and then rest and repeat.

  • Accordion sit-ups

The last great stomach slimmer we suggest is accordion sit-ups. Lie flat on the floor then lift up your upper body at the same time as bending your knees up towards your chest.

You should look like an accordion instrument while carrying this out properly.

Get a flat tummy fast

Carry out these exercises at least three times a week and you should see amazing results in no time. Combine them with a powerful fat burner like PhenQ for even faster fat-blasting results and before you know it you will have a set of perfectly toned abs.

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