Are You a Weight Loss Failure? How to Regain Your Motivation

Feeling like a weight loss failure is hard to cope with. You might have been trying to lose weight for a while but it just isn't coming off. Or you might have given up from lack of motivation. Hopefully I can help. I'll give you some reasons why you might have become demotivated. More importantly, I'll help you to overcome a lack of motivation so you don't feel like a weight loss failure any more.

You probably know what motivation is already. It is fundamental to all of our lives, giving us the “get up and go” and helping us to get things done. It's great when you have it but when you don't have it, challenges like losing weight can get put aside and forgotten about.

Reading about ways to get motivated can actually help you to regain some of what you lost. In this article I aim to provide a source of weight loss motivation to help you stop feeling like a failure.

Don't Give Up If You Don't See Immediate Results

I have to admit I've been guilty of doing this in the past. So you start a weight loss program, or healthy eating and exercise regime. You stick to it for a week and leap on the scales expecting significant results.

Do not give up signThe problem is, you haven't lost any weight, or you have lost less than you expected. This is a pivotal point. You can either keep going regardless, knowing that you are eating well and exercising enough so you are bound to see weight loss eventually.

Or you could give up.

I have been there myself and unfortunately I gave up (temporarily). It is difficult to continue your weight loss plan if you aren't seeing results but there are so many factors that affect weight loss. Just because the scales don't show results doesn't mean you are putting on muscle and losing fat, for example.

Never give up.

Stop Making Excuses and Procrastinating

We all know logically that diet and exercise are the key to losing weight. But it is so easy to procrastinate. The procrastinator in you may decide that you can’t work on losing weight until you have signed up to a gym or have enough money to buy the right type of exercise clothes.

In truth, you can start exercising NOW without any fancy equipment, clothing or gym membership.

You might look at all the unhealthy foods you have in your cupboards and think that you can't waste them. So you put off buying healthier food until you have used them up. The more excuses you find, the less motivated you become.

Don't Worry About Lack of Support

Unfortunately we don't exist in a bubble and of course that means other peoples words and opinions affect us, especially when it comes to losing weight. It only takes one negative comment for self doubt to creep in and for you to give up on the goals you have set for yourself.

The solution is to surround yourself with the right people. People who will support you, give you good advice and applaud your weight loss efforts instead of calling you a weight loss failure. If that means thinking outside the box, for example signing up to an online diet forum, then so be it.

Avoiding Temptation

There are tools you can use to help you avoid caving in to eating unhealthy foods. One of them is selecting a weight loss supplement that is specifically designed to help you feel less hungry and reduce cravings.

PhenQ is a fat burner that also acts as an appetite suppressant. It is my top rated fat burner because of it's performance as an effective diet pill that is also safe to take.

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