Are Fat Binders Safe?

If you are researching diet pills you have probably come across a type of pill known as a fat binder and found yourself wondering if they are safe to take.

This article aims to answer that question for you and point out one of the best fat binders you could buy that is safe to use.

Lack Of Vitamins

The problem with blocking fat is that many vitamins are fat soluble, so if you are not absorbing 100% of the fat you eat you aren't getting 100% of the vitamins you need.

To counteract this, take a multivitamin tablet before you go to bed (as most fat binders are made to be taken during the day).

“Treatment Effect”

One problem with chemical fat binders like Alli (Xenical) is that they can cause the so called “treatment effect” of oily stools and, there is no nice way to put this, following through with flatulence.

Counteract this by taking an all natural fat binder like Proactol instead of chemical fat binders. These are just as effective without the nasty side effects.

Fast Weight Loss

When some people start taking fat binders it can really shock the body into dropping weight fast. This is because fat is so full of calories and by suddenly cutting calories by up to a third, you drastically cut the number of calories you take in from food.

There is no need to worry though, as weight loss usually evens out over time to a more gradual level.

What Is The Safest Fat Binder?

In general, fat binders are quite safe, especially if you take an all natural one instead of a chemical fat blocker. Perhaps the safest and most effective fat binder is Proactol.

This natural diet pill also acts as an appetite suppressant because it forms an insoluble fibre in the stomach to keep you full long after meals which is ideal if you on a diet. And it blocks up to a third of the fat you eat from being digested.

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