Good or Bad: Appetite Suppressant Pills Review

Sometimes, even those of us with the strongest willpower give in to temptation. After all, our natural response to hunger is to eat! This can be particularly difficult when you are on a diet. With appetite suppressant pills claiming to put a stop to hunger pangs, it can be tempting to try them out.

One other method dieters use to reduce their hunger is to prepare healthy snacks in advance. Whilst it can be helpful to have a “safe” alternative when you just can't resist temptation, many of us just don't have the time to keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand. Plus not all of us like carrot sticks!

It is easy to see why taking an appetite suppressing diet pill could be an option.

Appetite Suppressants Pills: The Good and Bad

First let's look at the bad aspects of this type of weight loss pill. As with any diet pill or supplement you should exercise caution if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding – It is best to avoid diet pills during this time.
  • You have a serious medical condition – Unless you get the go-ahead from your doctor.
  • You are allergic to the appetite suppressants ingredients – This one is common sense advice.

Although I cannot give medical advice, I can say that the pills I recommend are in my opinion generally safe to take.

appetite suppressant pillsOn the other hand, there are numerous good aspects of taking one of my recommended appetite suppressant pills including:

  • You will feel less hungry
  • It will be easier to stick to a diet
  • Snacking will be easy to avoid
  • You won't be troubled by frustrating hunger pangs

Why Take Appetite Suppressant Pills?

If you need a helping hand to curb hunger pangs, appetite suppressants could be the best choice. They can be a great support if you are already following a diet plan, but the good news is they can be taken in addition to your normal diet (although you may find yourself eating less anyway).

I searched for the best appetite suppressants that can help you to lose weight without having to consciously cut your calories. And of course, I used my stringent rating criteria to ensure I picked the highest quality and most effective choices.

Best Appetite Suppressant Pills: Zotrim

zotrim boxThe Zotrim craze has died down somewhat, but the efficacy and safety of products containing it hasn't. Zotrim is renowned for its hunger suppressing properties.

Now we all have a chance to experience its weight loss boosting properties

I believe I have found the ultimate appetite suppressant pill in Zotrim. Not only do I believe it has the best weight loss results, but I also think this provides real value for money.

Just as I like to see, there are numerous glowing reports of weight loss of anything from 1-4lbs a week using Zotrim alone. I have analyzed all of the facts and prepared my own in-depth review of Zotrim.

Click here for my full Zotrim review

Second Place: PhenQ

phenq reviewPhenQ is technically a fat burner, but because it works so well for suppressing your appetite, I have given it second place in the appetite suppressant rankings.

It works by stimulating sensors in the stomach wall which send “full” signals to the brain. Because they are taken before meals, not only will you eat less but the “full” feelings you get after eating the meal will last longer.

Over time your body is trained to feel satiated after a reduced amount of food, making this an ideal choice for those that want to make a long term commitment to losing weight.

I mentioned it works as a fat burner. It does this by boosting your metabolism so you are burning off more calories whilst active and resting. It also gives you energy which is ideal if you need the motivation to exercise.

Our full review provides an in-depth view of how PhenQ works, and goes over issues like side effects and testimonials.

Click here for my full PhenQ review

Author: Aileen

Hi, I'm Aileen, the owner of Diet Pill Judge. I have personally tried loads of diet pills over the years and found that only a few of them really work.
My background is in science, so I set out to find supplements that have scientific evidence behind them and which I can confidently recommend.

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